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8 thoughts on “Skyscape

      1. Oh wow…kinda thought it was in that area…is where I grew up. Thanks for moving to Gloucester and for all of your wonderful photos. You certainly have a “good eye” that can tug at the heart of former natives. terry


  1. Your eye is captured. We see your soul. There is a story …just beyond the bend. Thanks you for making the ordinary extraordinary.


  2. Amazing! What kind of front (or other) created such a spectacle??? If it were painted by an artist folks might be inclined to think it was a true figment of the imagination.


  3. Thank you all for your very kind comments.
    There had been a prediction of severe thunderstorms, so I had been paying attention to the sky. This cloud formation appeared quickly and it was gone just as quickly. Never did get the storm. I shot this with a Fujifilm x-100 at 1/1000 sec, f4.0, ISO 320. The camera has a fixed 35mm (equiv.) lens.
    I used Nik Silver Efix Pro 2 (a wonderful black and white conversion application) to enhance contrast and structure. I think I also applied a (digital) red filter to further dramatize the scene.


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