BREAKING NEWS 2:30 PM:  SUP the Coast just south of Magnolia.  They will be south of Kettle Island in just a few minutes. By checking the Real Time position we will know if they head for Pavilion Beach likely getting there at 3PM or do they pull into Magnolia. Could someone get a GMG sticka down to the beach? Joey is threatening to fire all the reporters if SUP does not Represent.

2:49PM: they have not triggered the GPS device since 2:20PM off Kettle Island. They could be off Hammond Castle right now.

2:50PM GPS triggered at 2:41 and they were even with Rafe’s Chasm! They should be visible from the Boulevard in just moments as they pull even with the Dog Bar Breakwater.

3:03 PM. The GPS has an eight minute delay so the could be off Stage Fort Park by now. Alana says Will is heading in for a Destino’s sub so their pace may quicken. Get to Pavilion Beach now.

3:25PM Do we have a GMG reporter at the beach?  Anyone? Bueller?

3:31PM GPS update: should be off Stage Fort Park.

ETA 3:45 PM. Now.

Photos of the landing at Pavilion Beach.
SUP the Coast website

SUP the Coast on Facebook

Their position in Real Time.

The epic adventure continues, Will Rich (grew up in Bayview) and Mike Simpson are now paddleboarding from Key West, Florida, to Portland, Maine to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project and SUP Cleanup

Look for the exclusive interview with The Boss tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS SUP the Coast

  1. Here’s the link to the photo album of them arriving at Pavilion this afternoon

    Posted by Carol Mondello on Wednesday, June 22, 2011


  2. I started watching the spot tracker at 6am yesterday via satellite, and they had already been on the water for 15 minutes. While I couldn’t be on the boulevard it was great to watch remotely. I have been following them since the beginning of this fantastic journey and it is overwhelming that they have almost completed this historic endeavor. TOTALLY AWESOME


    1. Yesterday was an amazing end to 1,800 miles. They paddled the equivalent of two Blackburn Challenges, like paddling around the entire 20 miles of Cape Ann then saying, “that was fun let’s do that again” and paddling down the Annisquam and around for another lap.

      Are they going to paddle to Portland in one shot?


  3. Adventure! And for a purpose. How many of us walking on this palnet can even think of doing something like this. My own biggest risk/adventure was asking Kathy to marry me. I won!.


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