Greasy Pole – The Musical SPECIAL GMG PREVIEW!

Good Morning Gloucester was granted exclusive access to the final dress rehearsal of Greasy Pole -The Musical before its opening on June 16. All we can say is that if you are lucky enough to have tickets or intend to get them, you are in for a real treat. This production could have just as easily been titled, Gloucester-A Celebration of Community. It will warm your hearts and remind you of what this place is all about.


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Chico–Cape Ann Animal Aid Pet of the Week

Chico – Pet of the Week


Hi!  My name is Chico (left) and I consider Sammy my brother – although we are not blood brothers, we have never been apart, and in my opinion, you do not have to be blood brothers to be true brothers.   We are both small Chihuahua’s.
I am eight-months-old and Sammy is a month younger.  We would love to remain together and if you are interested in adopting us, we are at the Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, a non-profit shelter caring for homeless cats and dogs located at 260 Main Street.   We get along well with people, cats and dogs.

We are black and tan and super cute.  Promise not to tell Sammy because I would never want to hurt his feelings because I just love him to pieces, but I think I am a tiny bit cuter – – not much; just a little bit.

Go Bs.

Total Lunar Eclipse today. go here for a webcam of it. I think you have to be in Israel to view it live. In 2004 there was a lunar eclipse and the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in quite some time.

Entirely a coincidence that the Boston Bruins are playing in game seven of the Stanley Cup tonight. Or not. Go Bs.

Things To Do- Underwood Faery Festival June 18th

We’ve gone a bunch of times and the girls love it

Faery Festival at Underwood Photography Essex, MA 01929 978-768-7472
Jacqueline Underwood’s Faery Portraits
Fairy Portraits by Jacqueline Underwood

Portrait Photography Event at Underwood Photography, Annual Faery Festival on the third Saturday in June

Looking At The Blog Today

I’m looking at the blog today and feel incredibly proud of this thing we’ve created.

I’ll stack it up against any other hyperlocal blog/website anywhere and excuse me if it sounds like boasting but I’m not sure that there is anything else that captures a community essence the way our staff does here at GMG.

Very proud and thankful to have the contributors we have.  You guys are the best.

-The Boss


Alyssa and Lauren and Some Dude Cast Off The Bottle At Good Harbor Beach Message In A Bottle Part IV

Mark Ring found the bottle floating 200 yards directly in front of Hammond Castle two days after the girls released it from Good Harbor Beach.  When I asked him how he knew it was special, he simply replied- “It’s experience Joe.  It’s experience”

Alyssa and Lauren just happened to have taken pictures with the bottle before it was released!IMG_9148


Click the map below for an interactive map which tells you the exact distance and more



Rockport Art Association FeatureEvent With Three Local Greats- Goetemannn, Mordecai and Our Boy Johnny Sarkin!!!


RAA celebrates it’s 90th anniversary in 2011!

The Rockport Art Association founded in 1921, one of the oldest and most
active art organizations in the country, offers something for everyone.
Visit us and discover the artistic and cultural splendor of Cape Ann.

Opening Reception Friday June 17th  ~ 6-8pm
Exhibition June 17th – July 19th
Open Free To The Public
Click here for more info . . .

Late Spring – Early Summer Hours
Monday thru Saturday 10:00 ~ 5:00
Sunday Noon ~ 5:00

Gloucester Diner Features The Luongo Last Meal Special In Support Of The Bruins

Dave Tucker Describes The Ingredients For The Luongo Last Meal Special At Tucker’s Farm Family Diner

Wait Til You Hear The Ingredients 🙂

Go B’s!

Cleaning the Catch, circa 1930

Cleaning the Catch, circa 1930 Anonymous/@Fredrik D. Bodin

Sailing home in rolling seas after a fishing trip, these men clean and sort the catch. Covered with fish guts and scales, there’s no showering or shaving on a working schooner. This was on-the-job reality in the 1930’s. One way I estimate the date of an old photo is by clothing style. In this shot, the man in the middle is wearing a 1930’s Trilby hat, and the men on either side are wearing 1920’s flat Newsboy hats. If anyone can identify any of these fishermen, please let us know.

Printed from the original 4×5 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Negative # A9145-246

Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Kim Smith Lilac Culture

Dear Gardening Friends,

Baking temperatures and sweltering humidity have their appropriate months, but early June is too soon for the recent 95-plus degree days! I am grateful for this cooler weather—our newly planted vegetables and annuals will have an easier transition out of the melting temperatures of last week. On another note, our daughter Liv is preparing to attend NYU Steinhardt Masters of Music program this coming fall. To make this dream of hers come true she is working many long hours with a combination of three jobs. If anyone knows of an apartment to share or sublet please let us know. She is hoping to find something downtown, relatively close to NYU and/or public transit but will consider nearly any arrangement

This is the ideal time of year to prune your lilacs, immediately after flowering (attached article). See blog for photos of several native companion plants for lilacs. The photos from the lilac posts and the flower power post were shot with the new Fujifilm x100—a truly fantastic, albeit quirky, camera. I am so looking forward to spending fun times getting to know this camera and will once my design jobs settle into their seasonal rhythm.

Perhaps we will have another summer similar to last year’s, with days on end of warm temperatures and minimal rain, the ideal weather for butterflying (we can hope!). Last week’s warm temperatures brought a Monarch to Willowdale and our garden was rife with angelwings, azures, and swallowtails.

Happy Flag Day!

Warmest wishes, Kim

President Grevy

click here to view Kim’s site

Sista Felicia is Looking For A Flatbed We Can Tow For The GMG Horribles Parade Float

Anyone out there want to be a part of the team and have a blast?

Let us know.

Here is our First Place float from last year and this year she wants to go bigger and better!

We had a 4 inch pipe shooting seagull poop out of homie’s butt!


2011 Greasy Pole Updates

This year’s Greasy Pole Shrine at Felicia Oil down in the Fort is going to be better than ever (and it was already pretty huge to begin with).  Eric Spear asked for us to put a call out for help finding old photos to add to the Greasy Pole Shrine and connecting the dots is generally something we can do pretty good around here at GMG.

I put him in touch with Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum and they have been collaborating to bring a whole slew of new photos that haven’t been seen in a great number of years to the Shrine.  there is also another huge addition which I’ll announce once I get clearance.

Also this just in from Frankie Interrante-

Not sure if it newsworthy to your readers bout Bobby Scola and I will be walking the pole for the first time in over 20 years. Neither one of us has ever won but got a bunch of Saturday walks under our belts. I am walking Sunday in honor of my cousin Benny Interrante who took the flag in 1976, a few years before he went down to sea on the Captain Cosmo.  Bobby I think is walking for Sammo.

Be nice if you let the readers know about our traditions regarding this tradition.

Thanks Frankie Interrante.

Here are some photos from the past-

Joe Agrusso- Greasy Pole Champ

Greasy Pole Champs, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Joey Palmisano- Greasy Pole Champ

Joey Palmisano- Greasy Pole Champ

Russell Heinze- Greasy Pole Champ

Russell Heinze- Greasy Pole Champ

I wonder whats going through his mind

I wonder what’s going through his mind

Special Thanks To Paul and Beanie Nicastro For The Pictures