Video- Meet The Gloucester Fishermen From Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible

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There is one thing I can guarantee you.  Just from knowing how much heart these guys have that you will never hear them utter the words “I quit” or “I can’t”.   You know how on these types of shows you see some dude who inevitably backs down from some challenge because they can’t take the heat?  I’d bet my life you will not see that from our boys from G-Town.

The show will premiere June 23 at 9PM on ABC.  Don’t forget to set your DVR to record the entire season!

Did You Know? (Pete Chamberlain)

Meet Pete Chamberlain, the first guest exhibiting artist at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.  He has finished hanging his exhibit.  It looks great, and Pete looks a little tired!  But he’ll be fresh as a daisy and ready to meet everyone Saturday, June 11 between 4:00 and 8:00pm during his opening reception.  Come on by, say hi to Pete, see his really cool three dimensional pieces, paintings, furniture and one of a kind, never before seen, Shamus the Sweetgum Man. 

E.J. Lefavour

Harmeling Physical Therapy Tip of the Month

Written by: Gloucester PT staff Scott Kulesa and Sheela Zerilli (wife of Tony Zerilli, Gloucester head football coach)

Spring into Action!

The weather is warming up outside and people are starting to get more active with outdoor activities. Many of us enjoy getting out and working in our yards and gardens this time of year. However, increased activity can sometimes result in nagging injuries. Many of the things that we enjoy doing require the use of muscles that are not used as often or vigorously over the cold winter months. The repetitive lifting, bending, and pulling motions used with gardening and yard work can often lead to muscle strains or overuse problems such as tendinitis. The lower back and hands/arms are the areas that bear much of the stress associated with these activities. Fortunately, there are some easy exercises that can be done to help reduce the risk of pesky injuries that could prevent you from enjoying fun in the sun over these upcoming spring and summer months.

***All stretches should be done 3 times and held for 15-20 seconds. Never bounce while stretching and always consult your physician prior to doing these exercises if you have any hip or lower back issues.

1. Double knee to chest: pull both knees gently towards your chest until you feel a light pulling in your buttocks/lower back.Double Knee to Chest 1

2. Single knee to chest: Pull one knee at a time towards your chest until you feel a light pulling in you buttocks/lower back.Single Knee to Chest 2

3. Lower trunk rotations: lie on your back with your knees bent and feet resting on the floor. Let your knees gently rotate towards the floor while keeping your lower back flat on the ground. Repeat this going to the right and the left side.Trunk Rotation 3a

4. Kneeling hip flexor stretch: Kneel on a pillow and gently lunge forward on your opposite leg until you feel a gentle stretch across the front of the hip/thigh on the leg you are kneeling on.Kneeling Hip Flexor 4

5. Standing groin stretch: Spread your legs apart and gently lean to one side until you feel a pull on the inner thigh of the leg you are leaning away from.Standing Groin Stretch 5


Harmeling Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness, Inc.

85 Constitution Lane, Suite 100G

Danvers Massachusetts 01923


Did You Know? (Madfish Grill)

That Madfish Grill is a great restaurant in an awesome location with a rockin lineup of music to dance the night away to?  Located at 77 Rocky Neck on Madfish Wharf in the historic Rocky Neck Art Colony overlooking the water, you can’t find a more beautiful location to enjoy lunch or dinner, have a drink (including locally brewed beer from the Brewery and spirits from Ryan & Woods Distilleries) or dance and just have fun.  It is also located near Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, so you can take in a little art and culture at the same time.  I did a previous post about the Madfish Sushi Bar, which everyone is raving about and you can see at if you didn’t catch it.  Come on down to Madfish.

Also, Madfish is currently looking for help in all areas of the restaurant, of if you or someone you know is looking for a job and want to work in a really fun, beautiful spot, stop by Madfish Grill, 77 Rocky Neck and talk to Niki or Jeannie.

E.J. Lefavour

Measles Outbreak

VACCINE still best defense against measles

June 10, 2011 Chassea Golden Robinson, RN, MPH 978-281-9771

The number of measles cases in the United States since January 2011 is growing in a way not seen since the mid 1990s. There have been 118 confirmed cases of measles reported in the United States this year and many more suspected cases of the disease. As of May 26 seventeen cases had been identified in Massachusetts and of those, 12 had been confirmed since the beginning of May. The cases have ranged in age from 10 months to 65 years. Most of the cases occurred among individuals who had traveled internationally and of those individuals, most were not immunized. Measles is still endemic in many parts of the world and outbreaks are currently occurring throughout Europe. In France, more than 7,500 cases have been reported between January and March of 2011.

Measles is a highly contagious disease and therefore very easy to spread from person to person. When a person with measles coughs or sneezes, the virus may remain suspended in the air and on surfaces for up to two hours. Symptoms usually begin approximately 7-14 days after a person comes in contact with the measles virus. Usually a case of measles begins with a moderate fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes and sore throat. A couple of days after symptoms begin, a person develops a red blotchy rash which often begins on the face and spreads down to the neck, trunk, arms, legs and feet. People with measles are contagious 4 days before their rash begins so they may transmit the virus before they ever know that they are ill. It is estimated that 90% of contacts who are exposed to a case of measles will come down with the disease if they are not vaccinated.

Approximately 30% of people with measles will develop complications. Measles often causes diarrhea, ear infections and pneumonia. Deafness, blindness, seizure disorders and other brain diseases with measles can occur, but are less common. Measles can also cause swelling of the brain and death, although this is rare in the United States. Measles is most dangerous for children under 5 years of age, adults over 20 years of age, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems.

Fortunately, there is a very effective vaccine to prevent measles. In fact, use of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine (MMR) throughout the United States has led to a greater than 99% reduction in measles cases as compared to the amount of cases seen before the vaccine was available. It is recommended that children receive one dose of MMR between 12-15 months of age and again when they are 4-6 years of age. Adults born before 1957 are considered immune to measles. However, those born after 1957 who may become pregnant, work in clinical settings, travel internationally, or are in college should have two doses of MMR vaccine. For additional information regarding measles and the MMR vaccine, please contact the Public Health Nurse at 978-281-9771.

The Sanfilippo Boys Will Be Representing The Heart Of Gloucester On Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible

The Show which is produced by Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor, Shark Tank and the Apprentice will premiere June 23 at 9PM on ABC.

I spent the morning with the boys aboard their Gloucester fishing boat the Captain Domenic and we got a whole lot of exclusive video footage aboard the boat.  We talk about the show, we talk about commercial fishing and how it all works aboard the Captain Domenic including taking you inside the pilot house, the deck of the Captain Domenic and down the fish hold where you will see how they care for the fish once it is landed.  I’ll present this as a 3 or 4 part series of videos leading up to the premiere of the show so stay tuned to GMG for all the updates and a ton of pictures of our hometown heros!

Who else is going down in the fish hold to get you guys the inside scoop? 🙂



The Sargent House Museum Opens for the 2011 Season with a

Rejuvenated Interpretive Tour, New Art and Artifacts on Display,

and a Presence on Facebook and Twitter

Invigorated with a new interpretive story, The Sargent House Museum is now open for the 2011 season. Artifacts and artworks have been rearranged, and woodwork, walls, and the exterior of the building have been repainted, to illustrate the inspiring story of Judith Sargent Murray, and the visitors and occupants of her famous home.

Highlights of the renewed interpretive tour include a room devoted to the Reverend John Murray, Judith’s second husband, and a reinstallation of the John Singer Sargent Gallery, which features both paintings and drawings by the famed artist, as well as a unique opportunity to see one of his painting palettes.

Guests’ favorites, including Fitz Henry (Hugh) Lane’s Watch House Point, the glorious main staircase of the house (coveted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in the early 1900s), and the Sargent family’s Paul Revere silver, are also still on view, integrated into the storyline of the home’s one hundred, thirty-five year residential history.

Seeking revitalization and dialogue with the community and visitors, the Sargent House Museum has a Facebook Page, highlighting upcoming events, the Museum’s collection, and Judith Sargent Murray’s writing. The Page enables followers to get updates from the Museum, and provides an opportunity for a two-way conversation between those behind the scenes and the general public. The Museum is also on Twitter, @TheSargentHouse.

“We’re looking forward to a fresh start with this new season,” said Barbara Silberman, President of the Board of Directors of the Museum. “We’ve spent the winter bringing new portraits out of storage, and making changes to the interior. We hope you will join us for a tour, an event on the lawn, or talk with us on Facebook and Twitter.”

Built in 1782 for Judith Sargent Murray—an early feminist writer, philosopher, and social activist, the Sargent House is a fine example of high-style Georgian domestic architecture, enlarged during the Federal period, and converted into a museum during the height of the Colonial Revival.

Click the photo below for my photos from The Sargent House Museum

Wendie Demuth Gallery Grand Opening On Rocky Neck Saturday and Sunday

There is going to be plenty of adult beverages as well as Joey C Iced Tea.

77 Rocky Neck Ave, Madfish Wharf Gallery G4 (right next to the Khan Studio/GMG Gallery)


Saturday and Sunday June 11 & 12, Noon-9:00, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, G4 on the Madfish Grille Wharf

Newly minted Gloucester resident Wendie Demuth will officially christen her first photography gallery this weekend and everyone is invited! In addition to unveiling luscious global imagery shot everywhere from Indonesia to Africa to Europe– and of course the center of the universe, Cape Ann — Wendie will be treating visitors to snacks and her newly-launched brand of proprietary ice tea that has appropriately been branded “Joey C. and Wendie D.’s Iced Tea”—in addition to other festive libations!

This gallery’s photography is as cool as the ice tea and promises to deliver the kind of wonder and curiosity only Mother Nature can concoct. Images include panoramic views of giant red sand dunes from Namibia (the largest in the world!), vivid close-ups and landscapes of Holland’s tulips, crazy colorful abstracts, and loads of other visual delights that will have you wondering whether you’re looking at a painting or a photograph– all priced so everyone can afford to decorate their spaces with a completely inspiring and original print of one size or another!

So come down to the Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck this weekend to help Wendie celebrate her opening and eat, drink and be merry with all your fellow FOB-ers and all the other totally cool Rocky Neckers– and of course make sure to stop by the  GoodMorningGloucester Gallery–G3, right next door!!