June 9, 2011 Gloucester Harbor Lightning Strikes From The Dock

I took this and slowed the video to one quarter actual time so you could see the strikes. About a third of the way through you can see a seagull gliding across the screen. I’ll have to do more of these. Feel free to forward to friends or family who may be out of town.

Did You Know? (Stairway to Heaven)

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That climbing stairs is great exercise, and can lead you to some amazing places?  Think stairway to Heaven.  To reach Elynn Kröger’s gallery, you have to climb these stairs, but the journey is one well worth taking.  Elynn’s work is exquisite, masterfully executed, and something you do not want to miss.  In addition to her larger scale paintings, she has a wonderful offering of hand painted cards, smaller paintings and really cool block wood paintings.  A native of Massachusetts, Elynn Kröger has sold and exhibited her work internationally for the past 35 years. Intuitive, gestural, calligraphic, spatial, and organic, her paintings and drawings are a magical crossover between abstract and realism. Her gallery at 15 Rocky Neck, where she has been located for ten years, is open year round.  If you park in the lot at the beginning of Rocky Neck, Elynn’s Gallery is up the stairs, above L.A. Dahlmer’s Gallery, in the first building on the right.  Make sure you stop there first, so you don’t have the excuse of being too tired at the end of your Rocky Neck adventure.

E.J. Lefavour


Did You Know? (The Rudder)

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That Evie Parsons first started her restaurant business in this location across from Sailor Stan’s, where she ran a chowder house before moving to the Rudder’s current location at 73 Rocky Neck in 1957?  Like the GMG team, Evie was a salty character who told stories in pig latin, often stood on her head in the restaurant, and never censored what she said.  When she passed, her daughters, Paula Parsons and Susan Baker took over running the business for a few years, and then 13 years ago, sold The Rudder to current proprietoress Attaya sisters, Jeannie Boyland and Ginger Attaya.  The building where the Rudder now operates was orginally a fish packing establishment where the fish landed by boat and were salted and packed in barrels for shipment.  The floor above was a sail loft until the early 19th century, when it was converted into artists’ studios which housed many of America’s famous painters.  The Rudder serves only the freshest and best lobsters from Capt. Joe & Sons, as well as a host of fresh appetizers and entrees, prepared by Executive Chef, Chris Wheeler.  Famous for extraordinarily fresh ingredients enhanced by inspired preparation, The Rudder has become known as one of the Boston areas finest restaurants — with a creative and affordable menu. Enjoy fine waterfront dining at the Rudder on Rocky Neck in the heart of America’s original seaport.  You can find The Rudder, located at 73 Rocky Neck Ave., by looking for the monkey and iconic waiter stationed outside.  This fellow was once stolen, but subsequently recovered and returned to his rightful place. Visit http://www.rudderrestaurant.com/ for detailed info about their hours of operation, to view their menu, learn about having a private party at The Rudder, arriving by boat for dinner, directions, reviews and more.   The Rudder is a first-class restaurant, situated on one of the prettiest spots on Cape Ann, in the historic Rocky Neck Art Colony.   I had the opportunity to eat  at The Rudder recently (courtesy of Bob and Alma), and the food, service and ambiance were excellent.   Whether you are visiting or live here, you need to treat yourself to dinner at The Rudder.

E.J. Lefavour


Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Meeting, June 10 2011


Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Meeting, June 10 2011
The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club meets at 8:00pm on the second  Friday of the month, at St Paul Lutheran Church in Lanesville, on Cape  Ann.
This month, join us and NASA Solar System Ambassador Ted Blank to find  out all about the Cassini mission to Saturn!
The Cassini spacecraft has been returning stunningly beautiful images  and undreamed of new discoveries since it arrived at Saturn in 2004,  and the mission team has just received funding to continue operating  the spacecraft until 2017.  Find out why Cassini started its journey  by being launched in the wrong direction (on purpose!) and what  incredible things we have learned so far about Saturn, its rings and  its moons.  Learn about science instruments on board and the plans for  the risky maneuvers planned during Cassini’s final orbits when it will  pass inside the rings headed for a terminal encounter with Saturn’s  atmosphere.  Kids and adults will find this overview fun and exciting.

Cape Ann Museum Presents St. Peter’s Fiesta – Inspired Family Fun Day


Viva San Pietro! Visit the Cape Ann Museum on Saturday, June 11 to learn more about Gloucester’s historic St. Peter’s Fiesta.  The second Saturday of each month is family fun day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Drop by to enjoy free admission for family members, gallery exploration handouts, and art & history activities, including Fiesta inspired oar decorating, a Fiesta parade map activity, and a Greasy Pole challenge. Light refreshments will be served throughout the day.  This program is free and open to the public.

The Cape Ann Museum is located at 27 Pleasant Street in Gloucester. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Museum is closed on Mondays, and on major holidays. Admission is $8.00 adults, $6.00 Cape Ann residents, students and seniors. Children under 12 and Museum members are free. The Museum is wheelchair accessible. For more information please call: (978) 283-0455. Additional information can be found online at www.capeannmuseum.org.

Ever been to Heath’s Tea Room? I’ve been twice and going back again.

About two weeks ago I was out for a ride with my husband. He wanted to chill before going back to work. So, around the back shore we went to take in the scenery. We went to check on The Beauport Museum but they were not open. We did go back when they were and it was excellent. A while later, it was time to eat and we were going through Rockport and I suggested Heath’s Tea room. The rest is  history. Funny, I didn’t think that a man would be interested in such a place but I was proven wrong. The decor is elegant and it makes you feel like you are somewhere in England. The service is so personable. When we got there, Fatima greeted us and showed us to our table.

The waitress came and took our order. I had the blueberry tea; it was mild and delicious. Take note of the photos and check out the sugar cube tongs and china- fancy! I could not stop looking around the room. This time had to be documented with photos and so it was. I ordered Shepherd’s Pie. It was so good and the portion was to much for me that I had to take about half of it home. It was so funny, Mike came up and asked me if anything was wrong. I said,yes, it was terrible. I was joking! No way could I eat all that at once. It was the best I ever had in my life. Real succulent beef chunks. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  My husband had the turkey sandwich. Let me tell you, that was tantalization for the taste buds, and that’s what I am having next time I go back, for sure. We shared a cranberry walnut scone with chocolate drizzle and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side for dessert. What a way to top off a meal! Melt in your mouth!

Fatima and her daughter Kim were at another table, and asked if we wanted to go see Mike in the kitchen. I said sure, and my husband was interested in the chef’s side of it. Mike is a dear friend who has a band called Mike O’Connell and The Backstabbers. I love them. Check ’em out. http://www.myspace.com/mikeoconnellmusic He writes some pretty mean songs and the band’s covers are unreal. They are playing at Lat 43 Thursday night, June 9th.

Ok, back to Heath’s. Mike was so happy to have us he even put on his chef’s jacket. The refrigerator has Mike’s heros on it. Sometime if you are lucky you can hear Mike imitating them. Hey Moe and a Yuk, yuk, yuk!


Here is the sideshow. http://www.flickr.com/photos/joey_grl/sets/72157626793853325/show/






Bout 5- Double Header!
June 11, 2011

Boston Massacre vs. Gotham Girls, NY

Nutcrackers vs. Wicked Pissahs

June 11th 2011
WHO: Boston Derby Dames

WHAT: Full Contact, Flat Track Roller Derby
DATE: Saturday, June 11, 2011

WHERE: Shriners Auditorium, Wilmington, MA

TIME: Doors open 4 pm
Bout 1, 5pm: Nutcrkcrackers vs Wicked Pissahs
     Bout 2, 7pm: Boston Massacre vs Gotham Girls
After party at 9pm with DJ John Barera
$16 online and at the door

Bout #1

Boston Massacre vs Gotham Girls

Boston versus New York rivalry is as old as time, and the roller derby world is no different. Boston last met Gotham at the 2010 East Coast Extravaganza, where they shocked the WFTDA world and the Gotham Girls by hanging with the perennial power house for 60 minutes of hard-hitting derby. With a thrilling new squad, the Massacre is hoping to finally exact revenge for season for season of blow-outs.

Bout #2

Nutcrackers vs Wicked Pissahs

In their first meeting back in March, the Pissahs beat the Nuts by over 100 points. But since then, the Nuts played two incredible close games against the Cosmos, and the Cosmos gave the Pissahs a serious run for their money in April. That may mean this game could be a nailbiter, with the Nuts pulling out their first win of the season over a team that’s been undefeated since February 2010.

Get your tickets online today!
For more information or to purchase tickets visit:: www.bostonderbydames.com

The Boston Derby Dames are Boston’s first and only all-female, DIY, skater-owned and operated flat track roller derby league and proud members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

My TURN! Cute Baby Ducks!

We have a Vernal pond in our backyard. It’s a good and a Bad thing.

The good; Lots of interesting wildlife!

The Bad: Your not allowed to do anything within 50 feet of it.

Every year we have a family of Mallard Ducks and Ducklings. Last year it was the first year since we’ve been here that any of the ducklings have survived. Foxes, Minx’s and other predators have had their way with them. The two survivors have returned. They are both males. I’m sure next year they will bring back their spouses. I’ll keep you updated. Here are some photos of the ducklings there are 7 or 8 so far.

Sam Hartson To Present- “This Is Fiesta” at Cape Ann Community Cinema

Sam Writes-

I don’t know how energetic that video is, but I thought it captured more of an epic moment. That feeling that so few know when they’re carried on the shoulders of their friends, lifting that once-seemingly unattainable flag high into the air and realizing they’ve earned a incredible achievement and can now be called a champ. What must he have been thinking, feeling. His mind, likely abuzz with euphoria and optimism and thoughts of what comes next. Fused permanently into Fiesta history and united with nearly 100 years of champions and culture. Only a select few know what it’s like to ride down Fiesta’s main artery and down the fort into the heart of that incredible Fiesta energy.

That’s what I tried to capture in “This is Fiesta”. It’s an understanding of Gloucester on that tremendous weekend. A perspective, a feeling. An emotion. There’s something in the air in Gloucester that just seems to overflow and pour into the streets of the hot and humid city in late June. The people are happier, electricity flows through their veins as well as through the lights around the altar, the core of St. Peter’s celebration that continually pumps music and excitement from its speakers and from the voices of hundreds of young guys and girls whose screaming voices can be heard miles away as they pay enormous amounts of money to ride and play at the carnival. Fiesta is less an event and more an experience, and everyone experiences it differently. So the film offers a different perspective and serves as an inspiration to really explore the events of this magnanimous cultural spectacle that is entirely unique to the fishing port. It encourages the audience to want to know more and to make their fiesta experience an original and memorable one.

Screen Captures From Sam Hartson’s “This Is Fiesta”

ferris wheelFerris2mainstageProceshSohappyst pete againStPetewinner



The Blackburn Challenge, to be held on July 23 this year, is the premier human-powered open-water event on the east coast of North America. In 2011 the event will be especially exciting. Not only is it the silver anniversary running of the event, but is also the 6th annual North American Open Water Rowing Championship (NAOWRC).

One of the reasons why this event has been recognized as one of the best open water races in America is due to the venue – a 20 mile circumnavigation of Cape Ann Massachusetts – a course that inevitably serves up a wide variety of conditions on the water. The first three or so miles of the race are along the protected and tidal Annisquam River, resulting in something akin to a head race, but with plenty more interesting obstacles to avoid (mooring and navigation buoys, boats, docks, etc.) and a 17 mile open water race after it. Once the river empties into the open waters of Ipswich Bay, the wind strength and direction play a decisive role in determining the conditions of the day, which range from relative calm (it’s never a flat water event) to very rough (staying upright and afloat trump the idea of competition). The last couple of miles from the Dogbar Breakwater at the entrance of Gloucester Harbor to Pavillion Beach, are usually plagued by confused boat wakes from numerous fishing, whale watch and pleasure boats going in all directions. Each year at the Blackburn brings us a very different story, making the event so interesting for open-water aficionados. One thing that thankfully remains the same each year is the fun time after finishing – cold beer, massages, good music and food and the inevitable harrowing stories from the event. This is an event not to be missed!

All event information may be found at the event website: www.blackburnchallenge.com

Rich Klajnscek

President, Cape Ann Rowing Club

Click here for our links to Good Morning Gloucester’s year round coverage of The Blackburn Challenge


Photos from last year’s Blackburn Challenge from David Cox



PR for Gloucester is Getting Gloucester Noticed

BellRinger award plaquePR for Gloucester, the effort to promote Gloucester and boost our economy through positive media coverage, recently won two awards that highlight how well it’s working and the great articles that have been written about Gloucester in the past year.

You may remember PR for Gloucester was started by Tracey Muller, owner of the Bass Rocks Ocean Inn, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Hastings and other Gloucester businesspeople. They hired the public relations firm Matter Communications to take back control of Gloucester’s image.

Over the last year, PR for Gloucester and Matter landed 46 positive articles about Gloucester and dozens of our businesses, reaching a total audience of 127 million people. Stories about Gloucester appeared in USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post,CapeCodToday.com, PlanetEyeTraveler and a bunch of other outlets. People around the country read these stories and then come shop in our stores and go out on our whale watch boats and eat in our restaurants. This kind of coverage is good for all of our businesses.

People are noticing PR for Gloucester’s success. This week, PR for Gloucester and Matter Communications won a Bell Ringer award, which is given by the Publicity Club of New England to successful PR campaigns. It’s the second award in two weeks. Last week, PR for Gloucester and Matter also won a Communicator Award, a national prize that honors excellence in communications.

The best part about all of this is it’s an effort that Gloucester businesses and the Cape Ann Chamber started themselves to put out a positive image of Gloucester, bring visitors here, and help all of our businesses. If you want to donate to help keep PR for Gloucester going, contact Bob Hastings at the Chamber at h@capeannchamber.com.

BellRinger award with Bob and Traceys certificates