In 1973, the shipyard of Harvey F. Gamage, located on the banks of the Damariscotta River in South Bristol, Maine, sent a brand new schooner down the ways to the sea. Her name wasHarvey Gamage. Her lines were reminiscent of the coasting schooners, but her mission was very different.

For twenty years Harvey Gamage was owned and operated by Captain Eben Whitcomb. She sailed the waters of the Northwest Atlantic and Caribbean Sea with high school and college students, adventurers, naturalists, and many vacationers. Some of the longest running and most successful sail training programs in the U.S. originated in Gamage. It would be hard to count the number of people who have been introduced to a life at sea while aboard her. Many of those sailors have gone on to careers in marine fields and/or have become professional mariners.

In December of 1993, Harvey Gamage was purchased by a non-profit educational organization in Bath, Maine that evolved into the Ocean Classroom Foundation (OCF) of today. Harvey Gamage is now devoted exclusively to sea education programming, while still following her traditional route between New England and the Caribbean.

Happy Birthday Rockport Music!

The students at Rockport Elementary express their best wishes to Rockport Music, the organization that marks a big milestone this year in celebrating 30 years of existence! In the past decade, especially, Rockport Music has made an enormous difference in the lives of hundreds of students on the North Shore by providing music education and enrichment through countless programs and initiatives. Check out the creative way the students wish Rockport Music a happy birthday! You can spot this cake and card in person in the window of Rockport Music’s downtown box office.

Gloucester Door Series White Bird Gallery Rocky Neck

I love how Kathleen has the flowerpot offsetting the door and the sign.  Quite a lovely aesthetic.  Ya think that was intentional or just luck? 

I bet she knew exactly what she was doing. Beautiful!


For the rest of the Gloucester Door Series click here

GMG Inside The Numbers- Top Ten Posts Monday June 6th, 2011

The last census lists Gloucester as having 28,789 at the 2010 U.S. Census.  Only 1970 more viewers and we will be having as many daily viewers as there are man women and children in the City of Gloucester!

Of course our reach is world wide but that census number is something I’ve had my eye on for a long while as a milestone I’m dying for us to achieve.


here’s a map of where people have logged onto GMG from today, June 7th as of 3;30PM-


Dun Fudgin From Tony Hilliard

Hi Joey,

  Took this Friday night while out for a stroll by the boat ramp. Thought you might like to add it to your page. Keep up the good work. PS could you give us a plug for our Wednesday evening show at the "Annie" we’re just trying to get started and any help would be appreciated thanks.

                                 Tony Hilliard aka the "Singin Sarge"

IMG_7771Annie Poster

Julie Dougherty Joins Fly Amero This Wednesday


Wednesdays at the Rhumb Line
Wednesday, June 8


Don’t miss this wonderful talent!  The real thing!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Wednesdays Only!
Prime Rib Dinner –
 $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

Upcoming Guests:

with special visiting guest, ED DALEY!

I hope to see you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

This Week’s Music on Rocky Neck



Check out the links for info and calander

Current Bands
Currently Booking
Madfish Grille
The Studio
play music.


The SEAWARD INN ~ Sunday Morning Live ~ Presents Perry Desmond-Davis and Marc “Sonic” Bridge


The SEAWARD INN, Rockport, presents Perry Desmond-Davis and Marc “Sonic” Bridge Sunday Morning Live, June 12th. from 9:00 am to noon during a Breakfast Buffet by the Sea.
Folk singers/songwriters they will perform music from the 60’s & 70’s as well as from their CD’s “Sweet Ride” and “American dReam”.
Visit or call 978-546-3471.

U.S. Dory Elimination Results from Jimmy T

The Open Class race was one for the ages as all 4 teams finished within 2 seconds of each other! Shortly after the start, strong winds out of the Northerly pushed the tandems of Erik Dombrowski / Glenn Harrington and Len Robertson and Ray D’Amico slightly off their course and that may have cost them the race as the boatspeed was there. In lanes 3 and 4 was in out-and-out war! Tom Jarvis and Jim Tarantino were neck and neck with defending champs Mark Duval and Joe "International Sex Symbol" Sanfilippo all the way to the turning flag. A smooth turn got Tarantino/Jarvis a small lead, which varied from a half a boat to a boat all the way home. But it was the superior athleticism and dedicated in-the-boat training that paid off for Duval and Sanfilippo at the finish, as they put on a huge push and ended up winning by an eighth of a second!!!
In the Master’s Division a perfect course by Mike Harmon, driven by the phenomenal strength of John Scola, secured an easy victory for the defending champs, even though they faced the skilled pair of newcomer Chris Ferrante and Bill Edmonds.
Unopposed representatives for the U.S. will be:
Juniors: LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi
Women’s: Christine Carpenter and Amy Robertson
Mixed: Jeff Muise and Christine Carpenter
Congratulations to all the rowers!
International Dory Races will be on Saturday, June 18th at the State Fish Pier in Gloucester, beginning with a Pancake Breakfast at 8 a.m.

Kim Smith Gardening Updates

Dear Gardening Friends,

Come join me this Tuesday, June 7th at Willowdale Estate, from 4:00 to 6:00, for a house and garden tour of this beautiful, and beautifully restored, historic Arts and Crafts manse. Members of the Willowdale staff will be giving guided tours of the house and I will be available to talk about the garden, including how the Arts and Crafts movement influenced our horticultural decisions. Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

Thank you for the all the thoughtful comments and praise for last week’s column “The most highly scented lilacs…” Additionally, you will always find more photos posted on the blog. I cannot email too many photos in one newsletter because many of my reader’s email accounts have MB limits. Recently, several readers mentioned they keep a separate file for my columns on their desktop or in their email accounts, however, just to let you know, all columns and newsletters from the past year are archived on my blog. Columns prior to January 2010 are archived on my website.


Next week I will send you information on lilac culture as this is the ideal time of year to trim and shape your lilacs for maximum blooms next year.

Reader Irma wrote the following: I picked my lilacs at their height. In water, in the vase they lasted 2 days and drooped! Last year the same. I couldn’t believe it. Do you know why?

Hi Irma, Lilacs have woody stems and do not easily absorb water in the vase. Depending on whatever tool is handy, I do one of two things. With a hammer, crush the stems, at least six inches along the length, and immediately place in a vase filled with tepid or warm water. Over the years I have also discovered that peeling the stems with a vegetable peeler is just as effective, and less messy. Peel away the woody outer layer, all around the stem, again at least six inches up the stalk (peel down to green). Still, even with treating the stems, the arrangement will be fleeting and only look beautiful for several days. The scent of the lilacs permeating throughout your home is worth the extra effort!

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