Did You Know? (Grand Opening and NOTN)

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That in spite of the threatening looking sky early on, the evening turned lovely and the first NOTN at Rocky Neck and the Grand Opening of Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery was very well attended and great fun?  Many thanks to Sista Felicia for her amazing contributions of prosciutto wrapped asparagus, roasted cashews, mozzarella stuffed peppers (they were to die for), and beautiful and delicious tourquoise and yellow cookies that were an incredible match for the motif of the refreshment table.  Many of the GMG regulars (Paul Frontiero, Paul Morrison, R. Duck, homie, Sharon Lowe, Manny Simoes, Ed Collard, Fred Bodin, of course, Joey C., and his mom, Pat Ciaramitaro, as well as Sista Felicia) were there, along with a host of FOB’s.  Joda Khan gave two stellar spoken word performances to rapt audiences. 

E.J. Lefavour


Margi Green Represents

Margi Green represents at NOTN and the Grand Opening of the Gallery.  Did you know that Margi is a licensed/certified Neuromuscular Therapist with 30 years experience in bodywork, and that her sister, Sarah Green, just won the Pomme d’Ore Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her film “Tree of Life”, which is premiering this weekend at the Kendall Theatre in Cambridge?

E.J. Lefavour


Art Rocks! Found at Khan Studio andThe Good Morning Gloucester Gallery


Paul Frontiero Art Rocks! Rock found at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck by Bill and Melissa Cox.  I didn’t even know it had been hidden here!  No FOB’s were caught unaware on video during this hunt and find.

E.J. Lefavour


First North Shore Mass Cultural Council Cultural Districts Information Session to be held in Gloucester City Hall June 6

seARTS new green banner

First North Shore Mass Cultural Council Cultural Districts Information Session to be held in Gloucester City Hall

seARTS and Gloucester Committee for the Arts invite Civic Leaders, Business Leaders, and the Community to Join 

What: Cultural District Information Session presented by the MCC

Who: Mass Cultural Council, the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts & Gloucester Committee for the Arts

Where: Gloucester City Hall, Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA.

When: Monday, June 6, 1:00-3:00 PM


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The Mass Cultural Council will hold its first North Shore "Cultural District" Information Session at Gloucester City Hall on Monday, June 6th from 1-3PM.  Mayor Kirk will open the meeting and the public is invited to attend.  All North Shore communities have been invited to this meeting.

The Cultural Districts Program was authorized by an act of the Massachusetts state legislature in 2010, and launched in April 2011. Cultural districts can help local arts, humanities and science organizations improve the quality and range of their public programs so that more local families can benefit from them. They can enhance the experience for visitors and thus attract more tourist dollars and tax revenue.  And they can attract artists, cultural organizations and entrepreneurs of all kinds — enhancing property values and making communities more attractive.  "For our local civic leaders, the arts and cultural organizations, individual artists, and businesses on Cape Ann, this offers a unique opportunity to position our arts districts for the future and we encourage anyone interested to attend this meeting so that we can be proactive as a community in moving this initiative forward," says James Caviston, seARTS President.

The statute that created cultural districts has specific goals. They are:

  1. Attract artists and cultural enterprises
  2. Encourage business and job development
  3. Establish the district as a tourist destination
  4. Preserve and reuse historic buildings
  5. Enhance property values
  6. Foster local cultural development

Any city or town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is eligible to apply for designation of a cultural district. The city or town, after identifying a specific geographic area, must establish a partnership with other organizations and stakeholders. Cities or towns may apply for more than one cultural district but each designation must be applied for separately.

Prior to submitting an application, the city or town must form a cultural district partnership. The partnership must comprise a diverse mix of organizations that represents the interests of the district. The majority of organizations in the partnership must be located in the district.

At least one cultural organization that is incorporated in Massachusetts must be in the partnership. Cultural organizations located outside the geographic boundaries of the district may be involved in the partnership but must provide programming on a regular basis within the district’s boundaries. Organizations that represent artists in the community must be included as partners.

For more information on Cultural Districts, please visit the Mass Cultural Council website: Mass Cultural Council website. To attend this meeting, please register with the Mass Cultural Council at the address above.

Thank you.

The seARTS Board

Online Auction to Benefit the Gloucester UU church.

Dear Joe,
Attached are a press release and photo for an online auction to benefit the Gloucester UU church.  The auction begins Wednesday, June 1.  I hope you can include this information in your blog.  Thank you very much.
Janet Young
P.S.  The photo is of a painting called "Cape Pond Ice" by Marci Ann Cohen, 2007.

Cape Pond Ice by Marci Ann Cohen, 2007

Music in the morning at The Seward Inn, Rockport, Ma.

The SEAWARD INN, Rockport, presents Carrie Rowan and Adrienne Fawkes Sunday Morning Live,  June 5th.  from 9:00 am to noon during a Breakfast Buffet by the Sea.
Singers-songwriters infusing a classical piano style with guitar, nestled beneath a layer of  sweet harmonies served with a splash of Indie, Adult Contemporary and Modern Folk w/a pinch of  Funk.
Visit blog.seawardinn.com or call 978-546-3471.

Songwriters-in-the-Round ~ Saturday, June 4 – 8pm

One World Coffeehouse ~ http://oneworldcoffeehouse.org/

One World Coffeehouse has been hosting folk & acoustic music since  1993.  Concerts are held (more or less) monthly on Saturday night.  All concerts start at 8 PM.   Unless otherwise noted, $15 donation at the door. Handicapped accessable. Reservations:978-768-3690  

Allen Estes, Fly Amero and Ina May Wool

20.00 Dollar admission.

Gloucester’s Kingsley Flood, Rhumbline, Saturday, June 4th.

Kingsley Flood describe themselves as an Americana band that “draws as much from Woody Guthrie and the Band as it does Joe Strummer and the Replacements.” 

Kingsley Flood’s latest recording titled “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” was recently featured on NPR’s  “Song of the Day” , and the K-Flood does indeed rock.  They have a devoted allegiance of fans in Gloucester who pack the Rhumb Line everytime. The band’s lead guitarist, George Hall, has lived in Gloucester for 10 years, after many years of rocking Boston in former bands Dogzilla and Seks Bomba.  Kingsley Flood will be playing at the Rhumb Line Saturday, June 4th, three sets. It’s a great experience to see them close up, the tiny room explodes with rocking wild abandon. Great new track…but also worth checking out the first album Dust Windows, for which Kingsley Flood won “Best New Artist of the Year” at the 2010 Boston Music Awards. They also have many videos posted on YouTube including a killer version of another new song, “Mannequin Man” as performed live at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge.

International Practice Dory Going Once……

From Erik Dombrowski-

Last chance to bid for tonight’s auction of the final practice boat!  Our current high bid is $750.00.  You can email me your bids up until 5 pm, but I will not be able to correspond the high bid throughout the day.  So make your final bid today!

Good luck!


IDRC Board