Micah Dean, Brianmoc- Striper Assassins and Micah Demonstartes How He Makes His Lures

Brianmoc writes about Micah Dean’s Lures-

Once more a very nice fish on this lure. Not the biggest hit but this was one of 3 (32,36 and this) Run Micah down and buy one of his lures! I only own this one as its a test lure but will pick off one or two now. Odds he gets this lure back Zero! All lures are hand-turned and made on Cape Ann. First light has them or you can got his web site. This was test lures but now i think i will get two. http://www.micahdean.com/lures.htm

click this text for Micah’s website

Micah Dean Woodturning Lures, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Micah Dean Hand Turned Mackerel Plugs
Micah Dean Hand Turned Mackerel Plugs
Micah Dean Woodturned lures
Micah Dean Woodturned lures

Click below to see a video with Micah making one of his lures in his workshop-

click pic to view video
click pic to view video

Cape Ann Artisans Spring Studio Tour 2011


Cape Ann Artisans is celebrating their 28th Annual Studio Tour Weekend: held on Saturday and Sunday, June 18 – 19  from 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. each day. This self-guided tour along the scenic coastline of Gloucester and Rockport presents a unique opportunity to meet fourteen professional artists and see their work in the setting in which it was created. The work represented includes: pottery, painting, sculpture, photography, mosaics, weaving and jewelry. Several of the artists will be demonstrating their working process during the tour.

Brochures with route maps will be available at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the Rockport Information Booth on Rte 127 and at each of the artisans. A bright magenta Studio Tour banner will mark each location.

For further information: tel: 978-281-3347  or download a brochure at:  www.capeannartisans.com


Cape Ann Pee Wee Football Early Sign-Ups Starting this Friday, June 3rd and 4th

Good morning Joe,

Wondering if you could possibly send out one more reminder to all the GMG followers that Pee Wee Football Teams will be holding their early sign ups starting this Friday, June 3rd and 4th and the following weekend June 10th and 11th!  Six year olds are eligible this year!  Must be 6 as of August 31st of this year.  Open to all kids ages 6-14 (no 9th graders).  We are just looking to gauge team sizes and get some of the administrative stuff out of the way early….no practice or communications will happen until August!  We appreciate your help getting the word out.  Everyone can look in the Gloucester Times for their teams time and place to sign up!

Best Regards,
Jim Smith

Hello Again Joe,

Hoping you could help me out yet again!!  In addition to being the league treasurer, I am also co-president of the Rockets who will also be having their sign ups starting this week.  Hoping you could post the following:


Riverdale Rockets Early Sign Ups

The Riverdale Rockets will be holding early sign ups starting this Friday June 3rd and will remain as “open enrollment” throughout the summer.  There are limited rosters spaces allowed so please sign up early.  Payment procedures are explained online!  Full payment must be made in order to play come August.  Registration is $80 per player/cheerleader with a $140 family cap.  Follow this link to our sign up page: http://www.leagueathletics.com/?org=RIVERDALEROCKETS.  NO practice, uniforms, or team communication will be allowed until August practices which start on the 15th!  More information will follow once you are registered online!  Any questions should be directed to Jim Smith at 978.265.3721.  Have a great summer and we will see you in the fall for Riverdale Rockets Football/Cheering!


Thanks to GMG for all their help in getting the word out!!  It is greatly appreciated!

Jim Smith

Thank you to Good Morning Gloucester for helping us to get the word out!!

contact jsmith@soeppainting.com for more info


Cape Ann Pee Wee Football

Commissioner:  Fran Gibbs

Secretary:  Gary Donahue

Treasurer:  Jim Smith

Head Referee:  Randy Burns


With the third summer of Art Haven programs comes the opportunity for Cape Ann youth to combine the visual and theater arts like never before. And once again, low-income families will be able to receive financial assistance thanks to a Community Development Block Grant and the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation.

“We really want all kids to have affordable and fun opportunities in the arts,” says Art Haven Director Dawn Gadow. “The summer gives kids a great chance to work on really fun summer projects and to get outside and learn about Gloucester at the same time!”

The main thrust of Art Haven’s summer programming this year is Summer PlayCamp in conjunction with the new Henry Allen TheatreWorks, located at The Cape Ann (“The Annie”, to her friends) at 1 Washington Street. Students from ages 6 – 18 can participate in the program, spending half the day at the Art Haven studio experimenting in the visual arts, and half the day at The Annie writing plays and working on their acting skills.

Youth ages 6-12 will spend the mornings at Art Haven and afternoons at The Annie, while ages 12-18 do the opposite. The groups will work with themes from “The Mermaid Robot of Gloucester” and “Murder on Rocky Neck” to “The Witches of Dogtown”. The end of August even offers teens the chance to write their own political theater pieces. In each two-week session students will write a play, prepare props and costumes, work with materials like clay and printmaking, and perform their play on Thursday evening at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market.

“It’s amazing the creativity that can come out of kids of all ages,” says Henry Allen of The Annie. “These productions are going to be incredible displays of the artistic power found in the youth of Cape Ann.”

If theater isn’t your forte, Art Haven is also still offering a number of other artistic opportunities to the youth of Cape Ann. They will have continued open studio times for all ages and open darkroom times. These times allow artists of all ages to explore the art studio on their own terms with some artistic guidance from Art Haven’s staff.

Also at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, Teen Artist Guild members will once again have the opportunity to sell their artwork. Older students are welcome to be a part of this group to learn how to market and sell their artwork, both at the Farmer’s Market and beyond. These students will meet twice a week to work on artistic skills, business skills, and developing a sense of themselves as an artist.

“We’ve really got opportunities for everyone to get into the arts this summer,” says Gadow. “If you want to get creative, we want to help you.”

For more information about all of these programs, call (978) 283-3888, visit www.arthaven.org or 180B Main Street. Registration forms can be found on the web site or picked up at the Main Street studio.

Local Music Seen Get’s Their Stuff Online. First Up, The Bandit Kings!

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Dear Joey,
You’ve been telling me since December that we JUST HAD to get the Local MusicSeen shows on the Web.  Well, we finally got our first archive video published thanks to the help of our very talented and resourceful Web editor Jon Cooney.
See it here  http://localmusicseen.com/BanditKings.cfm

In order to make it work best on the Web, Jon cut it into 3 parts.  I’ve published all 3 on a single page so you can watch the entire show at once if you like.

We picked The Bandit Kings show for our archive debut for several reasons — some technical — but mostly because it’s a SUPERB SHOW!  Performances are stellar; the energy reaches through the screen and grabs you; songwriting is inspired — and they look so good on camera!

Hope you enjoy it — and remember, Joey, when you speak we listen!

Local Producer Reels in Top Cannes’ Prizes

From the Gloucester Daily Times-

Joann Mackenzie  Staff Writer

IMDb image

Gloucester’s Sarah Green is talking on the phone from her Los Angeles office about the film that all of L.A. seems to be talking about, Terrence Malick’s new cosmic epic, “The Tree of Life.”

“You have to see this film with your heart, not your head,” says Green, who co-produced the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Palme D’Or winner. “If you see it with your heart, you will see so much more. You will see yourself, for one thing.”

Growing up in Rockport in the 1970s, Green says she had no clue how she saw herself.

“I was drawn to the arts, but didn’t see myself as having the talent to be an artist,” says the veteran producer, whose artistic sympatico with iconoclastic directors became the hallmark of her career. “I was good at math, so oddly enough, I went to school for engineering in Boston (Northeastern University) because math and engineering seemed to make sense.”

Once in Boston, Green found herself more drawn to its film culture than to engineering.

“I was seeing everything and going back to films I loved again and again and again,” she says.

It was, she says, an awakening to realize that filmmaking was her passion.

Read more here.

Sista Felicia Does Moms Zucchini Side Dish At The Gloucester Daily Times Taste Of The Times


Check It Out At The Gloucester Daily Times Website By Clicking here

The summer vegetables will be coming soon and this simple version of preparing zucchini is another recipe from Felicia Mohan’s home style Italian kitchen. When zucchini becomes plentiful you need many different ways to prepare it that are simple and of course tastes good.
This particular recipe is one of the ways her mother used to prepare zucchini and that is where it got its’ name. The main ingredients that give this side dish its flavor are the basil, the chicken broth and the juice of a fresh lemon. Felicia insists that the lemon juice be fresh in order to achieve the full flavor.


Patrick Doud/The Mornith War Book Release Party
Sunday, June 5, 3 p.m.
The Bookstore of Gloucester
61 Main St


Patrick Doud was born in 1968 in Syracuse, New York. He grew up in Bernhards Bay, a hamlet on the northern shore of Oneida Lake, and in East Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo. After several years of academic wandering he ended up at Bard College in the Hudson Valley, where he studied literature. Three books of his poetry were published in the nineties: Girding the Ghost, The Man in Green, and Hickory Bardolino Poems. Although he continues to be involved with poetry, these days most of his attention is devoted to fantasy. He is quick to explain that there is much traffic between the two. He and his family live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in a house near the woods, the city, and the sea.


Three years and many adventures after the events of The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin, companions Elwood, Slukee, Drallah, and Booj are charged with a task beyond Winnitok’s northern edge. Arriving in the community of a charismatic prophet, they find that Granashon the Nohar has been attempting to settle a conflict between the prophet’s followers and a proud clan of wolf truans. But this threat to peace is overshadowed by another, as an unnatural scourge of spirits is burning the prophet’s fields with a ghostly green fire.
While Granashon leads Elwood, Slukee, and a small band of others to battle the source of the spirits in an ancient mountain fortress, Drallah and Booj stay behind to help protect the besieged prophet and her followers—including a girl with whom Elwood has begun a relationship the prophet has expressly forbidden.
The companions are caught up in an intense struggle to defend the lands of the prophet and the wolf truans, and to discover and defeat the power behind the spirits before they spread to Winnitok and beyond.Patrick Doud