Did You Know? (Night on the Neck and Grand Opening Bash)

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

For those of you who don’t already know it, Rocky Neck is just about the coolest place in the Universe.  This a photo collage covers just the tip of the iceberg that is Rocky Neck.  Thursday, June 2 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm is the First Night on the Neck for the season, and the Grand Opening of Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.  There will be performers, art, music, dance, good vibes, food, libations and genres of fun for all. 

As for the Grand Opening at Khan Studio on Thursday, June 2 from 5:00 to 9:00 at 77 Rocky Neck, G3, I hear from a very reliable source, that in addition to the opening fare that will be offered, Sista Felicia is going to be bringing one of her awesome hors d’oeuvres.  There will be a spoken word performance by renowned beat poet, Joda Khan; Good Morning Gloucester contributors and FOB’s will abound.  And there will be a premier unveiling of Wendie Demuth’s amazing secret recipe ice tea (the only ingredient we can divulge is Duckworth Bistrot’s special Cape Ann Bee-strot honey), appropriately called Joey C. Ice Tea (because the man was totally blown away by it when he tasted it).  So run, walk, bicycle, skateboard, take a taxi or CATA bus, or drive to Rocky Neck tomorrow, Thursday, June 2, and plan to stay late, as Soul Rebel Project will be sharing the love with their special reggae vibe at Madfish, starting at 9:00. 

E.J. Lefavour


Mike the Lobsterman on the Wreck of the Schooner Jennie M. At Salisbury, Ma

Adam Bolonsky Forwards-

Mike the lobsterman waxes philosophical and provides background info on the wreck of the Jennie M. off Salisbury Beach. Mike was visiting a friend at the beach during a winter gale as the waves and surge uncovered the wreck.
The Jennie M. foundered in a nor’easter off Ipswich and Salisbury as she was running granite paving stones down the east coast. Like the wreck at Long Beach in Rockport, winter storms uncover and expose the buried schooner’s ribs every couple of years.
Link: image

Above: The Jennie M. breaks up off Salibury Beach. The image combines a photograph with hand-drawn details (the gulls and the surfmen) – a common newspaper illustration technique.

Sole survivor was the ship’s cat. Local rumor has it that the schooner was carrying more untaxed liquor than paving stones.

Did You Know? (Swans Don’t Like Bananas)

That swans usually mate for life, although divorce does sometimes occur, particularly following nesting failure? Modern genetic techniques are starting to reveal that divorces are more common than previously thought, as is mating with other swans outside of the social pairing, without breaking the social pair bond. Who knew swans were adulterous and had open marriages? Young swans are known as cygnets or swanlings, an adult male is a cob, and an adult female is a pen.  Swans feed in the water and on land. They are almost entirely herbivorous, although small numbers of aquatic animals may be eaten. In the water food is obtained by up-ending or dabbling, and their diet is composed of the roots, tubers, stems and leaves of aquatic and submerged plants.  I learned today that swans do not like bananas.  This one was following me around the dock at Madfish Wharf begging, so I gave him/her a small piece of banana.  He chomped on it a bit then spit it out and rinsed his beak out, then tried it again, spit it out again and rinsed his beak.  He tried it a third time and then ignored it.

E.J. Lefavour


Did You Know? (World’s Hands)

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That Rumi Cachimuel is from Equador, that all the products sold at World’s Hands are made by his family in Equador, and that he is an accomplished musician?  World’s Hands at 130 Main Street opened just after Mother’s Day.  Rumi is a new Gloucester resident who comes to us from Equador, via Somerville.  If you haven’t been into the store, do stop in.  It is a feast of color and beautiful summer dresses, skirts and tops, as well as beaded jewelry, bags and dreamcatchers. 

Rumiñahui Cachimuel is also a member of Yarina, a group that performs traditional Andean music and dance.  Rumi studied music theory and majored in classical orchestra and solo flute. A member of Yarina since 1992, he previously performed with the Andean Instruments Symphony Orchestra of Imbabura, Ecuador. He plays the bass, guitar, pallas, kenacho, sampoñas, mandolin, and charango. He is also a vocalist and dancer. Rumi studied flute at the Instituto de Musica Luis Ulpiano de la Torre. He has received bass instructions from Luis Guzman.

Rumi a multi-instrumentalist artist, has performed with Mariela Condo, Daniel Mancero, Alex Alvear and Marta Gomez. He has also been part of the musical composition and acted as the leading music role for the Ecuadorian Documentary Film “Sara la Espantapajaros”. His instruments include bandolin, kenas, sampoñas, rondador, mandolin, charango, bass and voice.

You can see and hear a performance by Yarina at http://yarinamusic.org/yarina-demo/ – check them out.  I’ve heard other Andean musical groups – Yarina has a very unique sound and the dancers are great.  We just have the coolest, most unique, and multi-talented people on this rock.

E.J. Lefavour


Erin Rulli and Beth Gillett Represent at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery

Erin Rulli and Beth Gillett represent at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.  Erin gives a shout out for her brother, Caleb Rulli, who owns Hershey Frameshop in Rockport.  Look how beautiful Joey’s, Paul’s and Sharon’s work look behind them.  That really cool Discover Gloucester bag is still available for the connoisseur of Gloucester art that takes home one of these beautiful pieces by Joey C., Paul Frontiero or Sharon Lowe from the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.   

E.J. Lefavour


The 6th Annual – Gloucester Little League – HOME RUN DERBY Saturday, June 4th

The 6th Annual – Gloucester Little League – HOME RUN DERBY is set for Saturday, June 4th, 9:00 am until 4:00 pm (Rain date June 5th)!

Special Guests this year include the Northshore NAVIGATORS & their Mascots, arriving at 9:00 am.  They will be hosting individual Clinics for all kids, promptly at 9:00 am, and it’s FREE!!!

The day continues from there with HIT the Target, Roadrunner, Around the Horn FREE!!! – and the ever popular “HOME RUN DERBY”!!! – $10

We will have a Dunk Tank, Giant Slide/Obstacle Course and Speed Pitch, along with Great Food and Fun!!!

There will be a “Chinese” Auction for a chance to win many incredible Baseball/Sports Cards and Memorabilia.  Gifts will also be available to purchase.

Special “2011 Pack Attax” Presentation by Keith Gentile of “That’s my Ticket” Sponsored by W.P. Craft of ‘The Last Stop’ in Rockport– for ALL KIDS!!! – FREE!!! Goodie Bags for All, Prizes to be awarded!!! – FREE!!!!

Come and enjoy the day!



This just in from Jamie Marshall… His good friend, Rick Tarantino  – “Chef Rick” will be grilling for us on Saturday during our Home Run Derby event.  In addition, Chef Rick will be providing grilling tips to all those who join us.  This is just fantabulous!!!

I know you’ve scheduled our flier for 1 pm tomorrow, thank you! Any chance to squeeeeze this in?

Come on down to Boudreau on Saturday, it’s gonna be a GREAT Day!!!

Thanks much! Cindy Rich


Historic New England’s Open House is on Saturday, June 4, 2011


May 2011 – Thirty-one of the region’s finest historic properties are open free to the public on Saturday, June 4, when Historic New England hosts a region-wide open house. In Gloucester, you can visit the Beauport, Sleeper – McCann House; the eclectic seaside summer home of one of America’s first interior designers, Henry Davis Sleeper. With a new roof, restored and repaired chimneys, 249 conserved window sash and a restored historically accurate Arts and Crafts style landscape, now is a perfect time to experience Beauport. Hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with guided tours on the hour, the last tour starts at 4:00 p.m. Beauport opens for the season on Wednesday, June 1.

These Historic New England house museums on the North Shore offer free tours on June 4:

Beauport, Sleeper-McCann House, Gloucester, 1907clip_image002
Boardman House, Saugus, 1692
Coffin House, Newbury, 1678
Cogswell’s Grant, Essex, 1728
Dole-Little House, Newbury, c. 1715
Gedney House, Salem, 1665
Phillips House, Salem, 1821

Dave Sag’s Thursday night blues party and more.


















Photo by Sharon Lowe

See what Dave has to say,

A busy one, so, let’s get goin’! This Thursday  at the Rhumbline  we’re proud to present that Tootin’ Torquemada of the Tenor: Mr. Andrew Clark. He’s  got some new toonz for us to do. I’m willin’ and able. Backing him up will be that irrrepressible Irish Cream of a drummbler, Mr. Benny Benson. Greg T. and myself will fill out the wasteline.

Now, on Friday nite, It’s the Season Premiere of The Geezerz, aka Dave Sag’s Atomic Cocktail at the Studio on Rocky Neck. Last year, we chased out all the termites with our rousing renditions of all our unpopular blooz tunes. That’s Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks, Greg Tower, and  myself. We hope to continue the tradition this year, so, c’mon down!  We start at 9 pm, go to midnite.

Last and least, next Monday nite, I’ll be limping in to Captain Carlo’s for a fabulous evening of classic jazz ,dixieland, blues, and the Great American Schlongbook with my fave musical buddies, The Good Old Salty Jazz Band. There’s probably 7 or 9 of us, I’m not really sure, and Mark Earley and Myself are the youngest members, though it’s hard to tell sometimes. YOU SHOULD BE THERE: THIS IS IMPORTANT. You don’t know what you’re missing. Aaah, a warm evening, groovey jazz, and cocktails on the deck; what could be better… Start time is 6:30 and we go to 9:30, so all you old farts have no excuse for dozing off and missing all the fun!


Come To The Khan Studio GMG Gallery Official Grand Opening Thursday Night For Some Joey C Iced Tea Made With Bee-Strot Local Honey

Thursday Night June 2

Served in Mason Jars Made By Our Gallery Next Door Neighbor Wendy

Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck Ave, G3


Click pic below for Google Map and Directions to Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck Ave, G3 –


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Supreme Roast Beef Cheeseburger Plate

Two huge pattys, a whole styro full of onion rings and fries and a greek salad for $8.50.  Ed picked up one for me and him and he literally had a hard time carrying the two full shopping bags full of food.  I was slipping in and out of consciousness about 1/2 way through the dinner.DSC04884

Boston Casting Looking For Extras

Sent in By Meg Jarret of FilmCapeAnn

YSA Logo

May 31, 2011

Boom Logo

Boston Casting is seeking extras to work overnight Wednesday 6/1, Thursday 6/2 and Friday 6/3 on Here Comes the Boom with their car or truck.


You MUST be available all 3 nights.  Cars and trucks cannot be red or white.

We are looking for working class people with trucks, older SUVs, and beat up cars for this scene.

If you are interested and available, please email me atAshley@Bostoncasting.com.  Please include your full name, your phone number, and a recent photo of both you and your car.  

THIS EMAIL IS JUST AN AVAILABILITY CHECK.  We are checking to see who would be available and interested in working with their car or truck.  YOU ARE NOT BOOKED TO WORK UNLESS YOU HEAR BACK FROM US WITH THE CALL TIME, LOCATION AND WARDROBE INSTRUCTIONS.

Pay for non union actors is $64 for 8 hours.  This means you are paid $64 up to 8 hours.  After 8 hours you accrue more pay.  For a typical 12 hour shoot day you will be paid around $100, though the amount depends on how many hours you are on set.

Right now, we are only looking for non union performers with trucks, older SUVs and beat up cars.

Again, if you are interested and available, please email me atAshley@Bostoncasting.com with your full name, phone number and photo of you and your car.

Those selected will be contact by phone no later this afternoon.


The Paint Factory, Gloucester

 The Paint Factory, Gloucester ©Fredrik D. Bodin
The Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory, or Paint Factory, was built in 1874. It’s purpose was to make copper based paint to prevent barnacles from growing on the bottoms of boats. Bottom growth slows a vessel down, which costs money, especially if the cargo is perishable fish. In addition, the fishing schooner reaching port first got best price. This was Tarr and Wonson’s new technology.
Looking at this photograph you may think it’s old, until you look closer. In October of 1984 I looked out my window and saw a large schooner entering the harbor with her sails up. I ran outside and fired off half a dozen shots.. The size of the Bluenose II behind the Paint Factory gives the photo its impact. She’s  161 feet long and the mainmast is 125 feet tall. I learned later that this was the Bluenose II of Nova Scotia making a quick sail  in and out of Gloucester Harbor. It was a courtesy visit by the captain to a good friend, Gloucester shipwright Verne Smith and his wife Ruth.
Printed in my darkroom from the original 35mm Tri-X negative. Negative #FDB841016-05#08A
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

The most highly scented lilacs… From Kim Smith


False blue



Colour of lilac

Heart-leaves of lilac all over

New England,

Roots of lilac under all the soil

of New England,

Lilacs in me because I am

New England,

because my roots are in it,

Because my leaves are in it,

Because my flowers are for it,

Because it is my country

And I speak to it of itself

And sing of it with my own voice

Since certainly it is mine.

—from Lilacs by Amy Lowell (1874–1925)

Surely at the top of the list of shrubs to grow for creating the framework of an intimate garden or garden room are lilacs, in particular Syringa vulgaris and their French hybrids. Syringa vulgaris are grown for their exquisite beauty in both form and color of blossoms, although it is their fragrance flung far and throughout gardens and neighborhoods that make them so unforgettable.

Not all species of Syringa and cultivars of Syringa vulgaris are scented. The early French hybrids and hybrids of Leonid Kolesnikov have retained their fragrance.Syringa oblata has a similar fragrance, though is not nearly as potent. Several of the Chinese species have a spicy cinnamon scent, while many of the Asian species and their hybrids have very little, if any, fragrance. To find your personal preference, I suggest a visit to a local arboretum, or take your nose to the nursery during the extended period of time (six to eight weeks, or so) in which the different cultivars of S. vulgaris are in bloom.


For the rest of Kim’s Post check out and subscribe to her blog- Kim Smith Designs

The Villa Guys in Unawontuna, Sri Lanka wishing Gloucester a Good Morning & Happy New Year

From Jo-Ann Castano-

My husband Andy and I stayed at The Villa for a few days during our trip to Sri Lanka. We were celebrating New Year’s Day, known as Aluth Avurudda, on April 14th when shooting this.  Before we left we had to take a Glosta photo op with our GMG travel badge. The Villa guys, who graciously made our stay most memorable, lined up to wish “Glosta” a Good Morning and Happy New Year.  So, this is for you Joey and Glosta.