Hoooooe-Meeeeee Homie

Rubber Duck was convinced by Paul Frontiero of the benefits of meditation.

RD’s mantra? “Hoooooe-Meeeeee” of course.

As always, click on the photo twice to get a large desktop photo to confuse your friends about your gender. Rubber Duck is always copyrighted for non-profit fair use. If you do make money she wants a cut.

10 thoughts on “Hoooooe-Meeeeee Homie

    1. She has a lot of tantric mantra cosmic float ability in her for being a mere rubber duck. I built the rock piles and while my back was turned Rubber Duck just floated right up there to join the trilogy of towers starting in with the “oooomieeeee” chant.

      I think she might also be smoking some reefer. It’s not like I am going to criticize a rubber duck. She might be a hundred years old.


  1. Hey, the idea about the GMG sticka & a heart & a sticka is a great idea. Or maybe just the RD. Whatever way, it’s a great idea. Right Joey? Joey, Joey, oh oh Joey’s “ducking the question.” Get it, ducking the question…LOL… O.K. Joey, I’ll shut up.


  2. Oh come on Joey, just one more statement. How about a Rubber Duck sticka with just a little heart on the top left of the sticka. NO!!! Well, it was just an idea…LOL… Have a great day everyone.


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