Gone Trawling


3 thoughts on “Gone Trawling

  1. O.K. Now I’m going to sound real stupid. The nets I have always seen are always held open with the doors & they have a cod end. Please tell me what I am looking at? Or have I just lost my mind.


  2. That is a home made up DAYTIME TOWING SIGNAL USED ON DRAGGERS to warn other vessels that this vessel is towing bottom tending gear.( Rules of the Road call for two cone black cones coming to a point in middle) At night vessel displays a green over white light in the top of mast or piothouses.


  3. Thank you very much Joe. That is one thing I have never heard of. Very interesting. And I have to tell you that you & your crew are very well liked from the people in Glosta that I have talked too. God always be with you & you and your crew always stay safe, Elaine Again, thank you.


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