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“Art, Rocks!” May 21, 2011 7:30pm

Ok! It’s past 6pm and the Rapture didn’t come. Maybe next time.

Here’s the location in photos. It should be easy enough for most.

The Rock was left at:Β 7:29pm and 59 seconds.

Goodnite and Goodluck!

The Scene


The Location


It may not be this obvious! or it will. πŸ™‚

Sarah Cafasso Represents! in the Philippines

  Hi Joey,
My niece is in the Peace Corps and has been in the Philippines since the
fall. She is in Coastal Resource Management and is helping their  fishing
community with environmental protection and sustenance. She is in the
Southern Leyte region, which is  below the main island that Manila is on,
and she is on a very remote island.  I sent her a GMG sticker and every time
I write, I reminded her to take a pic for GMG. Well, she must have gotten
tired of my nagging, because she finally did! So you can add Philippines to
your growing list of "representation" !
Best regards,
Valerie Marino


Did You Know? Meg and Freddo

Did you know that Meg is a regular GMG FOB who has been a devoted follower since the blog was only a few months old? Meg and her son, Freddo came into Khan Studio and the GMG gallery on Rocky Neck today to represent (and buy a Did You Know? book and a Sharon Lowe print). Meg, you may remember represented from China on the blog awhile back.
E.J. Lefavour

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