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One Page From Abby Ytzen’s Gloucester Fishing 101 Handbook

Click the picture for just one page from Abby’s Gloucester Fishing 101 book which she produced for seARTS Partner With an Artist Program.  there will be many panels on eth walls here at our Dock- Captain Joe and Sons 95 East Main St Saturday from 10-2PM

Click on the picture below to see it full sized and learn some interesting facts for yourself.  I for one was astounded at the breakdown of how many of each different type of commercial fishing boats there were.  42% of the fleet are lobster boats, I had no idea, but this is just one of the factoids that Abby has broken down.  I think if you click on the picture you will get a sense of how easy she made it all to understand even though there is a ton of data in her book and in her exhibit, ANYONE could easily understand it.

-and this is all stuff that anyone that really takes pride in living in Gloucester or loves the fishing industry should know about.


So be sure to stop on by the dock Saturday 10-2PM

Here’s a map-

Map To Captain Joe and Sons 95 East Main St Gloucester MA 01930


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Did You Know? (Joey C. at GMG Gallery)

That you don’t often see Joey C. in front of the camera?  Like most photographers, he is generally behind it taking the photos or shooting the video.  This is a rare opportunity to see video of Joey being Joey at the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at Khan Studio on Rocky Neck.  It says the video is directed by EJ, but as any of you who know Joey know, the man is a whirlwind of energy that cannot be directed, and that’s what makes it fun. 

E.J. Lefavour

Eileen Matz Gets Recognized Today For 2011 Unsung Heroines

Eileen Matz has been volunteering for 25 plus years at Addison Gilbert , Local schools and Rose Baker Senior Center and today is being recognized  by the Massachusetts   Commission on the Status of  Women  as one of 100 Unsung Heroines in the State Of Massachusetts!

Make sure if you see Eileen around town you congratulate her and thank her for all of her work.


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