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One Hour At a Time Gang Notice For Saturday

Hi all:

Received a nice email from John McElhenny from Matters Communication..  They are doing a garden at Burnham’s Field in central Gloucester on Saturday.  What we should do is the morning cleanup of the litter that accumulates there.

Time:                    Let us make it 9:00 if that works for all

Where:                 Burnham’s Field in central Gloucester

I will bring the bags and please make sure you bring gloves.

Thanks all and have a nice day.

Donna Ardizzoni

Motif #1 back in the 70’s Photo Number 2 From Len Burgess

Here’s a 35mm shot of the original Motif #1 back in the 70’s.
You can see it was a patched-up rugged old building.
Also, thanks Joey for including the information of the Digital Photo Workshop at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum,
It filled up very quickly.
Len Burgess


When did middle school children’s activities get so bananas?

When did middle school children’s activities get so bananas? Travel teams, pro style uniforms, traveling overseas, non-stop fundraising?

Remember Babe Ruth and pee-wee baseball with iron on numbers on t-shirts? Now they wear the same uniforms as the pros.

Why promise kids that if they earn enough through fundraising that they can go overseas? What’s wrong with taking a 4 hour bus ride to NYC? A big city is a big city, believe me.

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