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Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library Online Poetry Contest- Deadline May 9th!

Hi Joey-

Now that you have written and read your own poem at the Sawyer Free Library, I thought you would like to let all students  in Gloucester and their parents know about the library’s online poetry contest.  Submission deadline is coming up on May 9!

Thanks, Carol Ackerman (library Lyceum committee

Here’s a link to The Library’s Webpage for submitting a piece


Our Own Marty’s Offspring Brian Luster Represents! Atop Bear Mountain in New York’s Harriman State Park

Joey: Here’s a shot of my bike atop Bear Mountain in New York’s Harriman State Park. I represent wherever I ride!



check out Brian’s Blog-

Draw on the Sidewalk…and Win a Prize!

As if drawing on the sidewalk isn’t reward enough, this is your chance to draw on the sidewalk and win some prizes in the 2nd Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest in downtown Rockport on Motif No. 1 Day. This festival is all about celebrating the arts in Rockport, and interactive activities have been created to highlight this.

Gloucester and Rockport 50’s, 60’s Photo Series From Mark Holzman Part III Updated Update

East Gloucester- Click the picture to enlarge it.  I’d appreciate anyone to fill in the details of the exact location and what they see in the pictures from this series.  There are 15 pictures in 15 days.

What I know of this picture is again the slide is in backwards because when you click on it to view it full size you see the numbers on the white boat are backward.  I believe it says

W 04

marks old pictures 021

FOB Joe McKechnie Forwards-
Good Morning Joey: The W04, white vessel is actually the USCGC General Green which was stationed in Gloucester "back in the day". I attatch a USCG web site short cut for your reading pleasure.

FOB Len Burgess does his Photoshop Magic to the photo  below-

Hi Joey, I couldn’t resist trying to bring this shot back to life.
The ship really is the W 40.
Len Burgess


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