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Did You Know? (Smokin’ Jim, Joe Sanborn & Bob Kearsey)

Smokin Jim's Bar-B-Q on East Main Street in Gloucester

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That the site of Smokin’ Jim’s Bar-B-Q was once Bob’s Clam Shack, and that Harbor Master, Jim Caulkett’s wife Judy’s father, Joe Sanborn was one of the carpenters who built it?  And did you know that Robert Earl “Bob” Kearsey, born in Gloucester on December 18, 1934, passed away at his home in Moss Point, MS on Saturday, March 26, 2011?  In 1953 Bob built, owned, and operated the famous East Gloucester seafood restaurant, Bob’s Clam Shack, where he served “The Finest Clam on Cape Ann.” Notice, he started that business when he was only 19.  After the Clam Shack and Marina were sold in 1980, he purchased an RV and traveled the United States, living and working wherever his next adventure would take him.  His memorial service was held this past Saturday, April 23rd at the UUC, 50 Middle Street in Gloucester.

Today was the opening of Smokin Jim’s Bar-B-Q and I stopped by to say Hi to Judy and Jim, who are great people with such wonderful energy.  I’m not a big rib person, but I did have some of Jim’s chicken, and it was great – so tender and the sauce just right, not overly sweet and cloying like some I’ve had.  I also have to say that their coleslaw, potato salad, Cajun rice, chili and corn bread are out of this world.  I don’t like gritty corn bread, and Jim’s (although I think Judy actually makes it) is fluffy and so delicious.  Seeing that I’ll be on Rocky Neck this summer, I have a feeling I’ll be a regular at Smokin’ Jim’s for the great and very reasonably priced food, for Jim and Judy, and for all the great people who come through there.  I met a bunch of really nice new people while I was there; a number of Good Morning Gloucester lovers, a couple of new converts, and saw House Doctor, Ed Collard and Robert Porter from Coveted Yarn. 

E.J. Lefavour

St. Ann’s Summer Program

Good Morning Joey

If you could please post this flyer about the St. Ann’s summer program on the blog we would be greatful.  We also still have openings in our school for the coming school year.  If in the future we could post something about the school it would be great.  Thanks you for your help.

Have a great day! Barbara Jean Ciolino and St. Ann’s staff

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St Anns 001

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