How The Snowmen Deal

Dear Joey,

I ran across this pic that I got from our friends in Rockport a few years back. They owned the Hula moon Café. With the weather you have been getting I thought you could relate to it. Dig your self out and remember spring is on it’s way.

Best regards,

Vern and Joy
Middleville Mich



Catch…What a Whale Shouldn’t Have to Eat

White Trash on White Snow

There’s a local blog (with universal appeal) you should check out. A Rockporter goes to the beach every day collecting trash and other detritus that washes up. She then organizes this trash – sometimes by color, sometimes by theme, sometimes by another method – and documents each find with a photo.

It’s a bit shocking (as well as visually fascinating) to see both the kinds of things that wash up and the volume of things that wash up. Of course we all know, theoretically anyway, that a bunch of trash litters the beach after every tide. But gone, more or less, are the days of poetic trash, like beach glass. In fact, finding beautiful beach glass juxtaposed against plastic bottle caps on the sand only heightens the awareness of how ugly and permanent our modern version of beach glass is in its plastic persistence. The irony of seeing water bottles littering the beach, when these bottles no doubt originated with health-conscious and hydration-minded people, would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

And if you’d rather not view the blog from an environmentalist’s perspective, you can enjoy the images for the sense of color and visual interest they retain. Just another example of the artistic wealth on Cape Ann, where residents are capable of creating beauty from piles of trash.

The blog: Catch…What a Whale Shouldn’t Have to Eat

Green Trash
Lighters on the Snow

Daddy Daugther Valentine’s Dance!

Daddy, Daugther Valentine’s Dance!
Saturday, February 12th
Please join us at the Cape Ann YMCA on Saturday, February 12 from 6:00-8:00pm for our annual Daddy Daugther Valentine’s Dance! Dress up for your favorite Valentine for a night full of dancing, great fun, and most importantly, love for your family. Light refreshments will be served.
YMCA Members- $15 per couple
Community- $20 per couple
Additional Daughter Fee:
YMCA Members- $4
Community- $6
If you have any further questions, please contact Katy Milne at 978-283-0470 ex. 1714

Books Looking for a Home

Hey Joey:

My wife and I are paring down our personal library and we’re wondering if there are some local charities/schools/groups that could use these books. We’ve got a bunch of fiction and non-fiction, a large stack of language books (Japanese, French and Spanish, both written in that language and grammar books), and a huge pile of comic books in graphic-novel format (thicker volumes), there are some art books as well.

Could you post this to GMG and see if anyone out there can give us a good place to donate these to?  We’d really appreciate it!

Kurt Ankeny


Karen Pischke Poem

Hello Joey.

Yesterday’s storm inspired this poem that I ‘awoke with’ today.

As they say- ‘any port in a storm!’ And I am happy our port is Gloucester.

Peace,     Karen

Snow swirling, twirling to the ground,
falling gently, without sound.
Single flakes lying one on top another,
Softly blanketing the ground they smother.
Snow falling through the night,
color turns to shades of grey and white.
As life is slowed and empty fills the streets,
I enjoy the quiet and the peace.
The cardinal calls with its familiar tune,
bright red against the white snow dune.
Birds and squirrels seeking refuge,
able to go where we refuse to.
Hunkering together, staying warm,
safe and protected in the storm.
The storm bringing neighbors together,
masks removed in stormy weather.
Seeking refuge in humanity,
temporarily fleeing the insanity,
of a world gone crazy,
its peace mission seeming hazy.
But suddenly the storm may end,
with strangers fast becoming friends,
having survived the storms together,
resilient in the midst of harsh weather.
Birds singing once again with delight,
as against a brilliant blue sky they take flight.
Hope and Sun shine anew, reflecting on the fallen snow,
And in this moment, Peace may be all we know.
~ Karen Pischke 02/02/2011
Gloucester, MA

Fly Amero with special guest Catharine David

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, February 9th
Special Guest: Catharine David!

It is truly an honor to work once again with this soulful
performer who has won my heart and admiration for so
many, many years.  This is the real thing, baby.
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
host and perform as always
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
*Comfort food dinner specials from Dave Trooper
s kitchen
*Sponsored by Shipyard Ale
Great fun!
Food is prepared fresh by “Troop” and is always good!
Fred features special discounted entrees with half-off
on a Shipyard every week!
Coming next week…
Chick & Ellen!
The week after…
As always…
If you’d like to be dropped from this list,
please do not hesitate to let me know.  I’ll do it quickly
and painlessly – and will NOT be offended!  🙂 ~ Fly

Winter Race Raffle/Event Tickets Now Available from the IDRC!!


Many raffle items have been collected and you do not have to attend to win, but you will want to be there.

· Dollar Hauler

· Dory Girls

· Dory racing games

· Prizes

· “Show & Share” with the infamous Jimmy T.

Call for tickets now, only 225 available:

Erik – 978-423-6665

Jimmy – 978-281-5822

Or stop by The Dory Shop and pick up from Geno

Got reddish,orangish,bluish photos? White Balance!

From Ken Rockwell

“Photos can look too orange, blue or green even if the subject looked OK to our naked eyes. Since we can preview the photos on our color LCDs setting white balance is easy.

Our eyes adjust this automatically just as they do for lightness and darkness. It would be great if cameras did this as well as our eyes do, but cameras often need a little help just like they do with exposure.

White balance settings may be altered for deliberate creative purposes, exactly as we do with exposure.

You can change the orangeness or bluishness of your images to make them as warm, neutral or cool as you want without having to use glass filters. You even can get rid of the green cast from fluorescent lighting, all without the glass filters we need for film. Cool, huh?

Setting the White Balance when needed is the key to great color photos. This comes out the same with an $5,000 camera or a camera phone.  You need to adjust the White Balance at times with every camera. I’ve also found point-and-shoots to be better than the more expensive DSLRs at auto white balance!

Different kinds of light require different adjustments to give a good picture. If we consider full daylight as “normal,” then indoor incandescent screw-in light bulbs look orange by comparison and candle light looks almost red. Likewise, blue sky without the sun is very blue although when you’re in the shade everything looks OK to you and I. If you make a photo in the shade the picture comes out way too blue or cool looking.” (To read the rest of Ken Rockwell’s article, click here.)

I’ve been experimenting with the white balance settings on my Nikon D90 with interesting results. Last night I took photos of an old pencil sharpener:

The first photo was taken with no white balance corrections:

And this was shot under the same lighting, but I changed the white balance to a cooler setting. As you can see, the colors are now natural. One thing-remember to switch the setting for the next outdoor shot!

So see if you can find the manual for your camera or go online to experiment with the white balance settings, and let me know how it works for you!    —Sharon

Large Support for Newell Stadium Renewal Project

Local citizens attend the City Council Meeting last night in support for the Newell Stadium Renewal Project

GFAA presented the plan for the renewal project along with Mayor Kirk’s support. 

Enthusiastic applauses  from the crowd came after the council approved their support.