Fenway Park: Wally a [not a] No Show

[Breaking News Edit] Wally is not a no show. I just don’t know how to read. Wally is scheduled for the truck sendoff next Tuesday Feb 8. I will be there to interview the green thing then. I’ll leave the rest of the story as is.

Wally the Green Monster was supposed to wave the Red Sox truck off at noon today for its trip to Florida to signal the start of preparation for Spring training.  But crack meteorologist Dylan Dryer (seen here) updated the Channel 7 weather forecast:

A magnified view shows Fenway Park currently buried under the
“ga” of “Shit Load Again.” Wally decided to kick back at the Cask and Flagon to down a few Irish Coffees while your GMG Cub reporter flashed his Press Pass to the guard and made his way into Fenway Park:

As you can see, even if the green one had risked freezing his kibbles and bits there would be no way that Wally would have seen his shadow. That means that in twelve days the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report.

A last shot of Fenway. In a very short time Carl Crawford will be in this left field to ensure that no opponent hits will reach the turf while on the other side of the inning he sprays homeruns to all fields.

Warms me right up just thinking of it. Adrian Gonzalez at first. Youk at third, Pedroia at second, and since it is an odd year a scorching year for Beckett.

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