Fishing Industry Movie Based Out Of New Bedford

From The Preview It Looks Like They Could Have Just As Easily Said It Was Made In Gloucester As Our Fishermen Are Faced With Similar Fishing Industry Dilemmas.  I hope Rob Newton Gets It At Cape Ann Community Cinema

Here’s A Preview-


WHALING CITY is a dramatic narrative feature film set in New Bedford, Mass. in the rapidly changing world of the modern fishing industry. It tells the story of a third-generation independent commercial fisherman, struggling to keep a grasp on his way of life – and a long-held family boat – as costs rise and the heavily regulated fishing industry is pushed towards a corporate model of efficiency. While developing an unlikely relationship with a marine biologist, he is tempted to do whatever it takes to keep his boat. Principal photography was completed in fall 2010, and the film is currently in post-production. The finished film will run approximately 90 minutes in length and is slated to be ready for screenings and festival entries in spring 2011.

The screenplay was workshopped at Columbia University’s graduate film program from 1999 to 2002. It won the 2005 Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award and the 2007 Sloan Feature Film Production Grant, and has been recognized in Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.


WHALING CITY’s campaign – featuring an early trailer for the film – is now live on, after our project received an exclusive invitation to be featured on the innovative online funding platform for filmmakers and artists.  View Now »

Click picture to view the trailer-

whaling city trailer

3 thoughts on “Fishing Industry Movie Based Out Of New Bedford

  1. Maybe New Bedford and Gloucester “Are Faced With Similar Fishing Industry Dilemmas”, as you stated, but they SHOULD give credit to the actual place where something is filmed. People live there, too, you know. And they have pride in their town, just as in Gloucester. In addition, they filmed it in Gloucester, they would HAVE to change the film’s title. No aspersions on Gloucester, but NEW BEDFORD is the “Whaling City” !! We were once the WHALING CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, you know. Again, no aspersions on Gloucester, a fine fishing town and a place to be proud of, but you have to keep facts straight, give credit where credit is due, and allow each place to have its own pride. (Glynis Sylvia)


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