I Was Wrong- Thank You Beth Swan

I’d like to take this post time to admit to being guilty of something.

You see in all my rantings about the Eco Foodie Nazis I failed to consider the vast number of people who are really just trying to do the right thing.

I let the interaction with a single obnoxious extremist Eco Nazi foodie who was 100% wrong and refused to listen to any other viewpoint paint an entire group of people with the same brush.

There are many people just trying to make informed decisions and they should be applauded.

This is not to say that I agree at all with The Monterey Aquarium who puts out false information about codfish stocks being on the verge of collapse. They still suck.

I still believe there are Eco groups that are willing to take money from big companies once their group has any type of national voice and are used by these big companies to alter the public attitude toward certain groups be it small farmers or fishermen which decimate these small independent industries or communities so that big business can further their agendas.  And I don’t think these big companies really care about the resource in many instances, I believe they care about their own agendas at the expense of the independent fisherman or farmer. It’s ingenious really. Because they use naive greenies who are willing and eager to believe anything that the master cult like organization wants to shovel down their throat while the master cult like organization like PEW or Monterey Aquarium directors are pocketing huge sums of money from these corporations like big oil to push their agendas the willing.

I believe there are people who do care passionately about where they source their food and they should be commended. I just wish they weren’t misled by the Eco groups that are taking money to do the dirty work for big corporations under the guise of the environment.

Two of my least favorite types of people are extreme democrats and extreme republicans who can’t see any good in any policy except the one that their party tells them is right. There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle and finding the balance is the key.

Thank you Beth for reminding me that there are people just trying to do the right thing with your reasoned response.

BTW, check out the latest from Gaines who deserves some kind of National recognition for his exposing of the truth-


7 thoughts on “I Was Wrong- Thank You Beth Swan

  1. I recently had a similar experience with some employees of the NOAA/NMFS office in Gloucester. I had some questions re: permitting issues and sent an email and recieved an extremely polite, helpful response. It makes things look a little better to know there are people that work there that want and try to do the right thing, that want to help fishermen make a living. With all of the issues going on with the corruption at OLE and the implementation of catch shares we tend to lump them all in the same category and that sometimes makes us (industry people) as bad as the eco-nazis and regulators who dress all fishermen in the cloth of greed and environmental ignorance.


  2. to employ an overused cliche- there are bad apples in every bunch and when livelihoods are at stake, discussions and arguments can get heated, anger and fear can cloud judgements and the human animal is defensive by nature. There are a lot of scientists at NOAA, a lot of regulators and policy makers, that have good intentions and truly want to balance conservation with industry. Then there are those that have blinders on or are driven by agenda or money that make the news and tempers flare. There are fishermen who cut corners, and fishermen who break the law, but to paint every one of us as such does both parties a disservice.

    I’m starting to sound like a radical liberal! :O


  3. Thank you Joey!
    I think apathy is the worst thing and bringing these discussions to the forefront is good!

    I don’t think any conscientious environmental activist would want the small fishermen to go out of business or have a species be endangered. (What would I do without my fish!!! Unsustainable factory-farmed beef is far worse for the environment – all environmentalists agree.) I also think that most of the people I know and would consider “Greenies,” are neither naive nor cult-like sheep followers. It seems that the most impacting group affecting the fishing industry, has been large restaurant corporations and culinary associations who are following these lists and not the everyday person. It is easier to influence large slow-moving targets with nasty agendas than it is to influence the agile, independent-thinking individual – which I consider most “eco” and “green” folks among my acquaintance. I think these people tend to ask more questions and talk to their local farmers and fishermen, than accept large enviro-groups word as gospel.

    If anything, policies that threaten small business for big business or have a specific agenda in mind other than the best interests of all are actively questioned and fought by eco-conscious folks. We tend to question everything and support small. There are of course radical environmentalists too and sometimes people misunderstand the impacts within policy rampages, but I think most regular-people environmentalists take pride in trying to create balance and seeking truth.

    This issue should be brought to attention because the fishermen know about the ocean and know best the fish they hunt, and are honorable and reasonable folks. I also think that marine biologists spend a great deal of time on the ocean studying fish and the ecosystem impacts as a whole so they bring different information to the table, and are honorable and reasonable folks. We should constantly be fighting to ensure that a few bad apples don’t impact negatively the shared agenda or influence the public with false information.

    Rage on and solidarity in the war for truth and justice for all! 🙂


  4. As a reasonable person who tries to “do the right thing,” I appreciate your acknowledgment of same. Your posts on this subject are helpful and give us information. Beth is right. Most of us out here, people who read your blog and a hundred others for the thoughtful — well except for that adolescent picture of the woman on the toilet — and reasoned information it provides, read your blog for that reason. Keep your comments coming and help us learn. I am guilty of using the Monterrey Bay Aquarium (Seafood Watch) site as a basis for choosing my seafood purchases at times. I won’t be so quick to use it as a resource now, thanks to you.


    1. Thank you Nancy. there are people like you and Beth that look at all sides of an issue and then make a decision based on the facts that I respect. it is the Eco Foodie Nazis that regurgitate everything they are told because its easy and fashionable that drive me nuts. unfortunately the Nazis have the fashionable sheep in masses that continue to spread mistruths and go often unchallenged.


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