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Kaitlin’s Response

Many of you wrote in asking just what the response from LA TV producer Kaitlin Herbert was after we requested nude photos before we could enter any serious negotiations to use the Crew of The Degelyse for the Food Network’s newest show.

In case you missed the first part I’ll repost it for you followed by Kaitlin’s response-

So yesterday morning I get an email from a woman named Kaitlin Herbert.  Kaitlin works for the television production company that produces the number one show on BRAVO- “the Millionaire Matchmaker and one of the top rated shows on Animal Planet “Pit Boss”.

So her production company is looking for some fishermen for a particular type of show they are developing for the Food Network.  She told me that she found GMG after an extensive search for Gloucester Fishing vessels. I sent here a pile of links to some of the videos we’ve done featuring Tuffy, Stoga and Trapper John.

Within an hour or so I got an email back from Kaitlin asking for the contact information for Tuffy saying that he and his crew seem like a great group of guys and that they would love to hear their story.

Tuffy happened to be out fishing but when he hit the dock we taped a special message for Kaitlin which you can view below.

Watch the video before reading her response so it will make sense.

Here is Kaitlin’s email response to Tuffy’s video-

I’m both mildly offended and incredibly impressed by your video. While I won’t be sending any nude pictures (that’s what free internet porn is for, boys), I’ve spoken to my bosses and they’re interested in speaking with the crew to get a better feel for the guys and what they do on a daily basis. They really enjoyed the video of Stoga, and would like to know if he’s part of the crew. If there is any more information you could give us, we would greatly appreciate it.


A message from Sefathia-

As you know Gloucester lost yet another young fishermen.. Giuseppe Joe Cracchiolo all of Gloucester is devastated and we all share the lost of this young man. Because of the storm the wake and funeral has been changed the Wake is now Thursday at St. Ann’s Church from 4-8 and the funeral Friday 12 p.m. Please spread the word.

Thank you Sefatia

Magnolia Swamp Board Walk Photo from Bill O’Connor

Hey Joe,

Here’s a picture of the Magnolia Swamp Boardwalk in Ravenswood Park that was mentioned on your 2nd podcast this week.  This property is now owned and maintained by the Trustees of Reservations.  I took this picture last year on April 7th , 2010.  I remember it was a really warm day for the season (a record at 88°F). 

This board walk is pretty sturdy (the boards are roughly 3” thick), sits about 8” above the surface of the swamp, and gives a great vantage point for spotting frogs eggs and watching swamp critters.  It runs somewhere between 500 to 600 feet across the swamp.  You have to cross another board walk further up the trail to get back across the swamp. 

This is a great walk through the woods any time of the year, but in the early Spring there are no bugs yet, and you have a better chance of seeing other animals through the woods due to the lack of foliage. The trail that leads to the boardwalk is a fun little adventure, with one or two neat surprises on the way.  At least it was for my two year old son, who was with me that day. The trail on the other side is pretty cool, too, with a lot of interesting things to see. In some spots the path narrows and  winds along the edge of the swamp. It kind of feels like you’re walking in a scene from the Lord of the Rings, and you’re half expecting to see a Hobbit poking along the trail ahead of you.

It’s definitely worth a visit when the weather breaks.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Meet Sarah Palin’s Parents, They Love Gloucester Video

Sarah “Sally” Heath
Charles “Chuck” Heath

I met Charles “Chuck” and Sarah “Sally” Heath, parents of Sarah Palin,  at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno Nevada and another couple they were traveling with.  They were a delight to talk to, and of course they all love Gloucester Massachusetts.

Enjoy Video 

Local Web Business Feature – Art Gallery of Kathryn Gentile Roberts

Here is our local web business of the week. A reminder we do this every week on Monday. If you are anywhere on the North Shore and have an online business or ETSY site, send it to me.

Site: The Art Gallery of Kathryn Gentile Roberts

Kathryn is not only a big fan of GMG, but a great local artist using the web as a gallery to feature her art. She is a lifetime resident of Gloucester and her work is inspired by the Cape Ann scenic coast. She has been fortunate to spend her summers as both a child and an adult on our beautiful beaches. I posted some of my favorites from her web site below and she does custom work as well.  Here is from the entry to her web gallery:

I invite you to browse my site to view original Watercolor Paintings, Antique Window Art, Prints and Cards of my original work. Many people are attracted to a special painting for themselves to enjoy for a lifetime, but why not give a painting as a gift for a Bridal Shower, Wedding, Anniversary, Special Birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

So check out Kathryn and help support local artists! Thanks – Patrick

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