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The Rabbit Is In For The Rocky Neck Plunge New Year Day at Noon

Rabbit I’m just telling you now that if you show up in a wet suit we will show no mercy in our ridicule of your pansy ass.


W will be meeting at Passports at 10:30AM if anyone wants to join us for a pre- plunge warm-up breakfast!

Here’s the list-

Friends of The Blog Who Said they Will Take The New Years Day Rocky Neck Plunge-


Nephew BJ (Beasley)

Paul Morrison (and his rubber ducky)

Patrick Ryan

Amanda Nash

Ed (I’m game for anything) Collard

Donna (I may be small but I can do anything) Ardizzoni

Eric Lorden

Everett Harlow

Lisa van Sand


Who Else?

Rocky Neck Plunge Info from Brenda Malloy-

Thought it may be a good idea to give people some directions on exactly where the beach is that The Rocky Neck Plunge takes place. It is called Oak Cove Beach at the end of Stevens Way, neither of which names are commonly known to most, even on Rocky Neck!
When one is driving down Rocky Neck and bears right at Sailor Stan’s restaurant, you take the first street on the  left ‘Stevens Way’. This is a short street, 2 houses long, then you must go either right or left on Wonson St.  If you were to continue straight you go down the gravel path ahead of you, this leads to Oak Cove Beach where the plunge takes place.
Hope to see a big crowd, one and all are welcome!

2010 leftovers

For a neat and tidy start to the New Year I’ll just post a few leftovers for my last 2010 post. So it’s seems my deal with Santa is paying off in spades and the temp at noon tomorrow will break 50 and no wind. I needed to warm up for the plunge so today I went out and chainsawed up some trees that came down in the Blizzard of 2010.

I am ready for a balmy dip in the harbor. Last night checking out the new Cape Ann Brew space:

I did a, “I’ll have two of those” pointing to those bright beers and although I don’t know what I was drinking they were very tasty. Having a fish and chips with my beer on that deck in the spring will be something to look forward to. Meanwhile, backing up a day we did a hike up from the Keystone bridge to Steel Derrick. I must be blind or it was always leafy but I never noticed the ROUS on the top of this house right before you go under the bridge:

For non-Princess Bride speakers that is a Rodent of Unusual Size. Fred Boden who I ran into at the bar said this thing is made of steel. Homie can’t believe it. The hiking was easy as X-country skiers had packed the path up the big siphon tube to Steel Derrick and we made it around to see the dude in the rock:

Just a touch of open water next to him otherwise a sheen of ice. A camera malfunction will not allow the posting of me doing laps here in my birthday suit. Too much pink broke the sensor. That ends my year. Now to get ready for swimming lessons at noon tomorrow.

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