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Cape Ann Brewing Kills It On Opening Night!

The Boys Knocked it out of the park with rave reviews, huge smiles and killer food all the way around on opening night at Cape Ann Brewing’s new location on Rogers Street directly across from the Saint Peter’s Club.

This was the place to be tonight without question as an excitement and electricity filled the year in what is destined to be yet another top destination for craft beer lovers WORLD WIDE.  Yeah I said it- WORLD FUCKING WIDE!  The place is unlike anything around and expense was not spared in bringing the masses a dining and drinking establishment that is uniquely Gloucester.

Here are a few pictures- more to come tomorrow along with video.



Did you know

Weather Vanes and Slate Roofing

A weather vane is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. They are typically used as an architectural ornament at the highest point of a building. Although partly functional, weather vanes are generally decorative, often featuring the traditional cockerel design with letters indicating the points of the compass. Other common motifs include ships, arrows and horses, or as in the case of this one in Annisquam at Lobster Cove, a lobster. The word ‘vane’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘fane’ meaning ‘flag’.

Slate roofing was used in the eastern part of the country prior to the American Revolution. Despite this, the slate industry did not gain prominence here until the mid-nineteenth century.  A number of factors contributed to the industry’s development including the advent of cheaper forms of transportation, first by canal and later by rail. An increasing U.S. population (which almost tripled in the years from 1830 to 1860) increased the demand for housing and building materials.  Architectural tastes also contributed to advances in the slate industry. The prevailing architectural styles of the mid-nineteenth century placed strong emphasis on prominent rooflines. Slate, laid in multi-colored decorative patterns, and was particular suited to the curved or straight Mansard roofs of the Second Empire style and the steeply pitched roofs of the High Victorian Gothic. Installed properly, slate roofs require relatively little maintenance and will last 60 to 125 years or longer depending on the type of slate employed, roof configuration, and the geographical location of the property. Some slates have been known to last over 200 years.

Hippy – Pet of the Week

Hippy – Pet of the Week
Hello!  My name is Hippy, a sweet five-month-old boy Spaniel mix pup. 
I am happy and outgoing.  I love people and other
dogs.  I weigh about 13 pounds, so I will be medium in size when I am
all grown.  I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (
and hoping I will be adopted soon.  I am so excited
about being part of a family.  I don’t need my own room, I would be
happy just to sit on my new owner’s lap.
Please stop down to 260 Main Street in Gloucester and ask for
Hippy!  If you want to start out the New Year with lots of fun,
just adopt me!


Thanks to Tina Ketchopolos who sends in the Pet of the Week

Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice Harvesting Ice For Boston’s First Night

Click these posts to see videos of the process-

Video- 2010 Boston’s First Night Ice Sculptures Born In Gloucester MA At Cape Pond Ice

Beautiful Industry- Video Harvesting Ice For Boston’s First Night -Cape Pond Ice Part II

Beautiful Industry- Video Harvesting Ice For Boston’s First Night -Cape Pond Ice Part III


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