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Santa Trapped in attic Part II

I’t’s been brought to my attention that I might be scaring the neighborhood children with Santa being trapped in my attic. At night he looks like:

Sista Felicia’s Salami Crisps With Crème Fraiche Video On The Taste Of The Times


This three-ingredient appetizer from Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan travels very well and is so simple to make. Once again all of the ingredients can be obtained in the supermarket.

Simply bake thin-cut salami slices in an oven for about 10 minutes at 325 degrees F. and dry off excess grease between two pieces of paper towel. You want to get them crispy, like a potato chip. Once they are cooled and you are ready to complete them, add a dab of crème fraiche and top off with a leaf of fresh basil. (Felicia uses a disposable piping bag to add the crème fraiche but you could use a spoon.)

Click Picture Below To View The Video at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of the Times website


Wanna Buy A Boat? The Lettie G Howard Is For Sale

Brian Luster (Marty’s Son) writes-

Hey, Joey! It looks like the Seaport Museum in New York is trying to sell the Lettie G. Howard. This might be the chance to repatriate her to Gloucester. I’m sure someone up there would like to buy her.

Seaport Museum May Look to Sell Off Historic Schooner
Read more:


Many people around here say that if there is a Schooner that most represents Gloucester’s schooner history that is still floating it would be The Lettie G.  Forgive my terrible memory because I can’t remember why or who told me that but I know I’ve heard it several times.  Perhaps some of the GMG readers who know could chime in with a comment on this post.

Here are many posts in the past with video and pictures of the Lettie G while she was here in Gloucester

Second Mate Jarod Of The Lettie G Howard With His 15 Lbs of Vaseline

Posted on September 5, 2008 by Joey C

If you would like to know why any second mate would need 15 lbs of Vaseline you can click this link for the video explanation taken on the docks at The Maritime Heritage Center


Gloucester Perspectives- Kathy Dwyer From The Lettie G

Posted on September 3, 2008 by Joey C

Kathy Dwyer from The Lettie G Schooner talks about Gloucester.

Chickity Check It! Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook

Posted on May 14, 2009 by Joey C

Click this picture to visit Bowsprite Blog
Click this picture to visit Bowsprite Blog

I know it’s from *blech* New York, but this blog has some fantastic photos, watercolors and stories from *blech* New York harbor.  Well worth a look.  If you are a schooner lover it’s a must visit.

Hedre’s a funny post about “Fishing Boats”-

There’s also some beautiful watercolors of the Lettie G-

The author lists the Lettie G as the “Schooner Howard G. Lettie”.

I always thought it was the Lettie G Howard, goes to show how much I know about these boats.

For my posts on schooners including the Lettie G when she was in Gloucester click this text

Everett Harlow In Training For The Rocky Neck Plunge

Everett Harlow Writes-

Good Morning Good Morning Gloucester,
My wife Lisa van Sand snapped this yesterday. The caption  reads "Second Runner Up – Mr. Blizzard 2010". We are both doing the New Year’s Day Plunge on Rocky Neck. See you then.
Ev Harlow
P.S. We love G.M.G. Congrats on the 3 year mark

Training for the Plunge

Here’s the list-

Friends of The Blog Who Said they Will Take The New Years Day Rocky Neck Plunge-


Nephew BJ (Beasley)

Paul Morrison (and his rubber ducky)

Patrick Ryan

Amanda Nash

Ed (I’m game for anything) Collard

Donna (I may be small but I can do anything) Ardizzoni

Eric Lorden

Everett Harlow

Lisa van Sand

Who Else?

Rocky Neck Plunge Info from Brenda Malloy-

Thought it may be a good idea to give people some directions on exactly where the beach is that The Rocky Neck Plunge takes place. It is called Oak Cove Beach at the end of Stevens Way, neither of which names are commonly known to most, even on Rocky Neck!
When one is driving down Rocky Neck and bears right at Sailor Stan’s restaurant, you take the first street on the  left ‘Stevens Way’. This is a short street, 2 houses long, then you must go either right or left on Wonson St.  If you were to continue straight you go down the gravel path ahead of you, this leads to Oak Cove Beach where the plunge takes place.
Hope to see a big crowd, one and all are welcome!

Santa Captured in my attic

A few shots from the storm. Santa did not make it out of Rockport and is now stuck in my attic.

The Rockport breakwater at high tide. Held up just fine:

And our power was still off Monday night so we went to Passports for dinner:

The baked haddock was delish as well as the beef gumbo to start things off. Santa was lit up in our attic when we got back. Yippee!

After the Storm

This is a painting I just finished of waves off the rocks at Annisquam Light, after the first little storm last week.  As an old surfer, painter, photographer and lifelong lover of the sea, I have long sought to catch/capture that perfect wave.  This one is close, but my quest still continues.

Painting by E.J. Lefavour

E.J. Lefavour – Khan Studio

New Year’s Eve @ The Franklin Cafe ~ “Sinatra to Bocelli” Linda Amero & Ferdinando Argenti

The Franklin Cafe ~

New Year’s Eve @ The Franklin Cafe

“Sinatra to Bocelli”
Linda Amero & Ferdinando Argenti: Linda Amero (vocalist) appearing with Ferdinando Argenti (Piano) for a New Year’s celebration of jazz and Italian-American favorites. Downstairs at The Franklin Cafe, 118 Main Street, Gloucester, MA on New Year’s Eve. 6:30-10:00 pm. Reservations 978-283-7888.
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