A Few Storm Pics

Some photos I shot during the storm from Annisquam.  Storm surf racing into Ipswich Bay, storm surf attempting to claim Annisquam Light, and the calm after the storm.

storm waves racing into Ipswich Bay from the pasture at Annisquam

storm surf attempting to claim Annisquam Light
a gentle sunset after the storm, signaling that the storm is over and a better day is coming

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

8 thoughts on “A Few Storm Pics

  1. Thanks! It was a pretty awesome sight and wild day to be out wandering the shoreline. Mine were the only footprints in the snow, so I guess I was the only one crazy enough to fight the wind and snow to go out there; but it was worth it.


  2. EJ, Awesome photos, you knew I would love the Lighthouse!!! Keep up the great work, HAPPY NEW YEAR It was the blizzard of 2/78 that made me decide to live in warmer climates. Debra


  3. I specifically went out there near to high tide that day to see what it would be like, but never expected the water and waves to be that close to the light. There is (was) a wooden walkway that leads from the Squam Rock Land Trust pasture down to Lighthouse Beach. That was smashed by a very large drift tree trunk, and the high tide water mark from the prior high tide was all the way up onto the pasture. When I told longtime Annisquam people about it, they said they had never heard of the water coming up onto the pasture before. It was quite a storm.


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