City of Gloucester Storm Trash Collection Info

Storm Trash Collection Information
Trash/recycling that is normally collected on Monday – will be picked up Tuesday.   If your trash day is Tuesday – it is on regular schedule and will be picked up on Tuesday. To help expedite the pick up and the recycling will be picked up single stream on Tuesday – you will see a regular trash truck picking up recyclables. This truck is picking up recyclables only.
There is NOT a delay in trash service for the rest of the week – Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays pick up will be on a normal schedule. The only day that has a delay in service is Monday.

The Rhumb Line’s Mighty Fancy New Year’s Eve

Friday, December 31 at 8:00pm – Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 1:30am

Location The Rhumbline, Gloucester

Created By

More Info Dress up and get down at the Rhumbline’s
2010 MIGHTY FANCY New Year’s Eve Party!Hosted by The Bandit Kings & The Boyfriends  

With MIGHTY FANCY drink specials; MIGHTY FANCY special guests —including mighty fancy Rhumb Line bartenders & mighty fancy guest musicians

(paging Mr. O’Conner?)—and MIGHTY FANCY door prizes!

It is going to be MIGHTY FANCY, but of course you don’t have to dress up unless you want to.

December 31, 2010.
Doors are at 8, show at 9 and it’s $10 (don’t be square).

41 Railroad Ave • Gloucester, MA • 21+
Designated drivers welcome…Taxicabs at your command.

Phone Problems at Gloucester City Hall

Phone Problems at City Hall
Due to a problem with the Verizon phone circuit it is not currently possible to call in or out of City Hall at 9 Dale Avenue. Phones at all other City offices are working normally. Please use the links on the Staff Directory or other pages to send messages to the departments affected.

Gloucester City Hall website

Juana Chicoine Stage Fort Park and Half Moon Beach Gloucester Photos

Hi: Thank you for your wonderful "good morning Gloucester" . First thing I look for in the morning.

I took these pics yesterday and I find them beautiful. They may not be as good as most of the ones you publish, but here they are anywayOpen-mouth smile

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Juana Chicoine



When Do We Take Responsibility For Our Actions Series

So in light of last week’s post in which we examined the need for restaurants to remind their patrons to inform their server if they have allergies by placing signs all over their restaurants and menus I bring you another classic example of the ridiculousness.


Of course we all need to be reminded that the coffee we drink could be scalding hot. I mean, really I don’t know what I’d do without these reminders printed on each cup. But what really pisses me off is that the stores that serve up these potentially deadly scalding hot beverages don’t have placards and posters all over their establishments warning their customers of the dangers of drinking hot coffee as well. It simply isn’t enough to print them on the millions of coffee cups they sell.  What if said customer decided to pour the coffee directly into their eyes??? Shouldn’t the cups also tell the consumers not to pour hot coffee in their eyes as well?

It could happen. I’m just saying.

This leads me to the next idea- Toilet paper printed with warnings for people to not forget to wipe. We can’t just assume that folks will clean up properly and that could lead to a bevy of unpleasant consequences. We should all lobby our congressmen to enact the critical legislation which would ensure that toilet paper companies print warnings on each sheet of toilet paper reminding people to wipe.

We simply cannot trust the populace to remember to clean up their own shit.

Oh and while you’re busy writing your congressman on the toilet paper issue you may as well see if we can get some text added to the coffee cups. May I suggest "Do not pour scalding hot coffee in your eyes or on your genitals- It may cause damage"

I’ll now wait for the folks who have actually poured hot coffee on their nut sacks to write in and champion such ideas.

Thank you for your consideration on such an important matter.

I’m here to help.