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Eric Lorden Calls Out Ed Collard In A Rocky Neck Plunge Challenge

Here’s the list-

Friends of The Blog Who Said they Will Take The New Years Day Rocky Neck Plunge-


Nephew BJ (Beasley)

Paul Morrison (and his rubber ducky)

Patrick Ryan

Amanda Nash

Ed (I’m game for anything) Collard

Donna (I may be small but I can do anything) Ardizzoni

Eric Lorden

Who Else?

Rocky Neck Plunge Info from Brenda Malloy-

Thought it may be a good idea to give people some directions on exactly where the beach is that The Rocky Neck Plunge takes place. It is called Oak Cove Beach at the end of Stevens Way, neither of which names are commonly known to most, even on Rocky Neck!
When one is driving down Rocky Neck and bears right at Sailor Stan’s restaurant, you take the first street on the  left ‘Stevens Way’. This is a short street, 2 houses long, then you must go either right or left on Wonson St.  If you were to continue straight you go down the gravel path ahead of you, this leads to Oak Cove Beach where the plunge takes place.
Hope to see a big crowd, one and all are welcome!

City Of Gloucester Storm Update Fuller School Open As Limited Service Shelter

Posted on: December 27, 2010City of Gloucester – Storm Update – 3 pm – December 27, 2010
Fuller School Open as Limited Service ShelterAs of 3pm today, Monday, December 27, a limited service shelter is available at the Fuller School. The Red Cross is unable to assist the city at this time, however, due to the long duration of the power outage in some areas of the city, and the cold weather, the cafeteria area of the school is heated and available for use.

If you plan on utilizing the shelter, please arrive no later than 8pm. Plan on bringing food and water for yourself and/ or your family. If there is no one using the shelter by 8pm, it will be closed. Otherwise, the shelter will be open as long as necessary for those needing it.

Isabel Babson

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

Isabel Babson (1577-1661) was the first Babson in America, and she and her sons Richard and James are the progenitors of all with that name in the country.  The earliest known record of her in this country is dated 25 September 1637 and appears in the Salem town records: “Isabell Babson desires admittance to become an inhabitant.”  Isabel probably first settled at Salem as it was her port of disembarkation. In 1942 she moved to Gloucester where she was greatly respected as a nurse and midwife. After July 1642 Isabel purchased land at what is now 75-77 Front Street, Gloucester, and it continued in the family about a century and a half. Her dwelling on Main Street, a little to the west of Porter Street, was located at what is now 69 Main Street.  She died and was buried in Gloucester, although the exact location of her grave is unknown.  A simple stone has been placed in the ancient Bridge Street Burying Ground in memory of this honored and beloved citizen of Gloucester.  As a tribute to her memory, Roger W. Babson established the Isabel Babson Memorial Library at 69 Main Street, which specializes in books for expectant mothers.  She is also remembered through the Isabel Babson Maternity Wing at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester.  Roger Babson believed that conceiving and rearing children, as well as the health and well-being of women, were critical to a stable society.  All books in the library reflect this philosophy.  Every challenging aspect of family living from prenatal through grandparenting and the golden years is covered.  Books catering to men’s issues are also available.

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