City Of Gloucester Alert. East Gloucester Power Outage

Posted on: December 26, 2010December 26, 2010 at 6:30 PM
There is a localized power outage in the East Gloucester/Rocky Neck area impacting roughly 800 customers. National Grid is aware of the situation and is working on it. All City Offices are closed tomorrow Monday December 27.
We will know around 6AM tomorrow (Monday) if Trash Pickup will occur. Monitor this site in the AM for an update.

Boston’s First Night Ice Sculptures Born Right Here in Gloucester MA Pics and Videos

Christmas Eve at Cape Pond Ice I swung by and got some pictures and video of Ice being harvested for use in the ice sculptures for Boston’s First Night displays.  All week long there will be some of the world’s most renowned ice sculptors preparing the ice in sections for installation New year’s Eve in Boston.  There are some big sections featuring Boston sports icons Tom Brady and Shaq being prepped there right now. So if you go into town and see those sculptures, know they were born right here in beautiful Gloucester Massachusetts.

Scott Memhard gave us a lesson as we stood atop 300 tons of 300 lb ice cubes.  Videos tomorrow.image

Beautiful Industry- Harvesting 300 lb Blocks Of Ice At Cape Pond Ice






P. Preservationist Has Some Nice Things To Say (I think)


Check out what they have to say about Gloucester and GoodMorningGloucester by clicking here

Here is an excerpt-

I was reading a fascinating article in NorthShore Life Magazine about the blog, “Good Morning, Gloucester” (An allusion obviously to ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’)     Contrary to its insinuation, this site is very exciting and upbeat.      I mean, Gloucester does nothing for me.     It’s home to a dying industry.    It’s infrastructure is deplorable and sagging, and it will never be a ‘Walking Town’.     But it’s ugly buildings contrasts sharply with its breathtaking harbor and drop-dead beaches.     And it has ROCKS!      Along with Rockport, you’ll never hear the US Corps of Engineers trying to save these shores.  (Which only makes me more green with envy.)

Click here for the rest of the blog post

Did you know?

sunset over Wingaersheek Beach from Cambridge Beach in Annisquam
Painting by E.J. Lefavour

I was supposed to do my post at 3:00, but instead was out walking in the start of the storm. I don’t have a proper post ready to do, so I’m sending out a painting I recently completed of sunset over Wingaersheek Beach from Cambridge Beach in Annisquam – something a little warmer and gentler than what we have going on outside right now. Keep safe and warm everyone.

Cape Ann Community Cinema Wizard Of Oz Sing-A-Long


Join us at the Cape Ann Community Cinema for a SPECIAL HOLIDAY WEEK-LONG SING-A-LONG HI DEF BLURAY screening of the 1939 classic, THE WIZARD OF OZ!! You can even come in costume, if you like!
Proceeds will benefit The Brain Candy Project, a Cape Ann-based charity that provides a support system to parents who are living in hospitals with their critically ill children. Only 8% of donations go to our administrative function, so 92% go toward fulfilling our mission. An honorable cause you can stand behind.
Holding parents so parents can hold their children.
The Brain Candy Project and The Cape Ann Community Cinema have partnered to bring you The BrainCandy Family FilmFest (BFF@CACC), an on-going exploration of the foundations of American Family Cinema, as a benefit to BCP. Thank you for your support!

Wizard of Oz showings: 
Mon thru Thurs, 12/27-30 11am (w/a secret surprise double fun double feature!!)
Fri, 12/31 7:30pm
Sat, 01/01 2:30pm
See you there!

SPECIAL $5 Kids Tickets!
Holding parents so parents can hold their children.
Do something locally to help. The time is now.
Do you GoodSearch & GoodShop for The Brain Candy Project?
You can raise money for us, just by selecting The Brain Candy Project as your charity of choice! Search the internet with (powered by Yahoo), and do all your online shopping with It’s that simple. Spread the word, and have a happy & healthy new year!

Mark Ring’s Deviled Eggs


The Captain Joe and Sons Christmas Party and Mark Ring’s Deviled Eggs.


In theory deviled eggs don’t sound all that appetizing to me.  Anyone else’s deviled eggs, I’m not going to cross the street to eat and probably if they are sitting on a platter at someone’s house I’d most likely pass them by. 

But not Mark Ring’s deviled eggs.  Heaven on earth.

Snow Emergency and Parking Ban


Emergency Alert

Posted on: December 26, 2010

Snow Emergency and Parking Ban

Effective at 12 noon this afternoon, Sunday, December 26, the city has declared a snow emergency and parking ban on all city streets due to the arriving snow storm.

As of 12 noon today until Tuesday, Dec. 28 at 7am, all vehicles are banned from parking on city streets. Violators of this emergency declaration are subject to ticketing and towing at the owners expense. Residents may park in all school and municipal parking lots.

All residents are reminded that they are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Your cooperation during this parking ban is necessary for efficient and safe snow removal efforts.

To repeat, the city of Gloucester has issued a parking ban on all city streets as of 12 noon today. The ban shall be in effect until Tuesday, December 28 until 7am.

“ART, ROCKS!” 12/26/2010 9:31AM

This may be the last “ART, ROCKS!” of the year!

Easy place to park, draw, and meditate!

Can you find it?

Good Luck!

Video- Patsy Palmisano On the Wheel of the Tug Justice

Patsy Palmisano on the wheel of the tug Justice. Jogging home after transiting the Cape Cod Canal the other night in the storm. The other vessel contacted him, and he turned on the deck lights so to get this tape. Not a pleasant night.

Thanks to Anthony D’amico for sending this in.

I’m sure our pal Tugster from the sixth borough will appreciate this.  check out his blog to read and see a ton of photos of Tugboats.

My Dad’s Navy Uniform 50 Years Later Shipped From Detroit

About three months ago I got a phone call from my dad’s first cousin Joe from Detroit (yet another Joe Ciaramitaro).  Joe follows the blog daily and tells me he knows more about what is going on in Gloucester due to GMG than he does in his own town in Michigan.  This is something that I hear from Friends of the Blog all over the country.  Joe tells me he feels as if he could walk down the street and know everyone in town.

Anyway, cousin Joe’s mom, my dad’s aunt had his Navy uniform hanging in her closet for almost 50 years. I’m not sure how the uniform found it’s way to Michigan, perhap[s cousin Joe will write in the comment section and explain the story better than I can. 

My dad was stationed in Key West- tough gig, huh?  He was aboard the USS Saufley and from what he tells me part of his tour included circling Cuba during The bay of Pigs aboard the Saufley.

Well Joe shipped a box with his Navy uniform and sailors cap directly to my house where we stashed it away so we could wrap it and have my dad open it for Christmas. 

The uniform wouldn’t have even fit me but nephew BJ tried it on while everyone sat around stunned. 

It was a great surprise and made this Christmas super special. 

Thanks Cousin Joe.





Here is the web page where there are many more photos of the Saufley and stories about it’s tenure in The US Navy.

Here is the page on the USS Saufley Website Where My Dad’s Listed on the Roster in 1960.  It says his rank was SA but I have no idea what that means.