The Art Of Alchemy Featured Artist- Baraka Robin Berger

Yesterday I got to meet Baraka, the Featured Artist At Alchemy this month.  Below is some of her work as displayed at Alchemy and below is the press release explaining how part of the proceeds of any sale of Baraka’s work will go to the Gloucester Education Foundation.

You can see more of Baraka’s work at her site





Alchemy Tapas & Bistro is Gloucester’s newest culinary patron of the arts. Building on his original vision of Alchemy as a “community living room” and a gathering place for cultural creatives, owner Mark McDonough was proud to formally cut the ribbon of “The Alchemy of Art” Gallery by hosting and showcasing the work of local artist Baraka Robin Berger. The ribbon cutting ceremony and the gallery’s official opening occurred in mid November and showcases Baraka’s artwork through the months of November and December.

“We envision doing this in partnership with the community and in such a way where both the artists and local organizations benefit. We are pleased to say we will be contributing our consignment fee of 10% of all art sales directly to the Gloucester Education Foundation. At the end of 2011 Alchemy will host an annual silent auction and party at Alchemy on behalf of the Gloucester Education Foundation with all proceeds directly benefiting the foundation. But don’t wait until then before coming by Alchemy to purchase that perfect gift of art for the holiday season!

Let’s Play “Would You Rather?” – McRib or McLobster

My favorite game we used to play when we would go out a lot was called “Would You Rather”. Essentially, the game makes you pick between 2 ridiculous items or scenarios and then clearly explain your reasoning behind it. The only other rule is that neither is not an acceptable answer. Here it is:

You are stranded on the highway for 2 days on Interstate 90 and you finally walk to a rest area. Everything is sold out, no fries, no burgers, no McGreasy anything, except they still have the McRib and their New England Classic McLobster Roll.

Which would you choose? – Post in the comments and your reasoning behind it.


Let the games begin – Patrick

Abraham Maslow Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
  – Abraham Maslow 1908-1970
A professor at Brandeis University during the 50’s and 60’s, Maslow created a humanistic school of psychology that advanced self-actualization as a path for personal growth, almost Taoist in its then revolutionary rejection of materialism. His books include Toward a Psychology of Being (1968) and The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (1971).

Greg Bover

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Much thanks to Greg Bover for submitting the Quote of the Week

City Of Gloucester WATER UPDATE – ISSUED 10:00 AM DECEMBER 22, 2010


Based on water test results indicating no issues with the water in the City, the Department of Environmental Protection has lifted the boil water order for the City of Gloucester. Please use the following information for instructions on how to make appropriate preparations to begin using your household, or business water systems.

Water Startup Instructions

Dave Sags Blues Party to Host Lisa Marie ~ 12-23-2010

OH, come all ye faithful… the Christmas Tree is lit (so is the band) and it’s counting down to that last green light of that quarter-mile.When it hits, you’re bound to quake, as the slicks screech and the hammer hangs and dem ol’ reindeer take off, hooves a-popping, bells a-rattling, ears a-ringin’ to that V-8 heat that can’t be beat. It’s Christmas time, pretty baby and to get all your noses turning red, we got the Queen of the north, Ms. Lisa Marie. She’s got the reins and the leadfoot to get ya where ya gotta go. We’ve purposely cut the brake lines for this one special performance. Hear her sing such xmas faves as “Santa’s got a lawyer” , ” Who left the grate closed?”, and “I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus”. It’s sure to be the high point of any dead Christian’s holiday.
We got reindeer,too! The famous finger-flailer, John “Prancer” Cameron will be on the ivories. And citizen and weekend father, Mr. Steevie “Vixen” Chaggaris, will be on the egg-beaters whilst sitting on hiz own stool. Of course, Mr. Greg “Rudolph” Tee and myself will be there, too, drinking eggnog and Alka-Seltzer. Ask your doctor if Lisa Marie is right for you. Don’t look for premiums, as the cost of the finest precludes the use if them.
But, seriously, folks, Greg and I would like to thank each and every one of you who have helped to make this past year a little bit brighter. Without you, we’d be nothing.You have helped to make my  Days sunnier!So, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Shalom, Kwanza, whatever, but have a merry! And, remember: live music is best!!

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Great News- Andiamos Sign Is Back Up!

To say that I’m excited by the prospect of Andiamos re-opening in the space where Culina Cafe has occupied for the past couple of years would be an understatement.  While Culina Cafe offered very generous portions while they were open, the people who ran Andiamos had some fantastic dishes.

I noticed the sign had changed yesterday so of course I’m going to have to stop and get that picture and bring my loyal readers the news first!

Picture taken Dec 21,2010-

Pictures from Andiamos-

Chickity Check It!- New Heart of the Harbour Web Site

Peter Van Ness The Man Who Brought You Lats Summer’s Epic Ground Breaking Concert- “Celebrate Gloucester” On The Site Of I4C2 Tells How You Can Get Involved and Announces Gloucester Center for the Arts with 3000+ Lawn Seating.
Peter Writes-
Dear Joey,
We just launched a new Web site to make it easy for people to explore our ideas for Heart of the Harbour (I4-C2 development proposal).  See here:
People can sign up for alerts (e.g., the City now plans to allow each group who proposed an idea to make a presentation in January and we’ll let people know when that is as soon as we find out).
Also, we want everyone in our community to own a piece of Heart of the Harbour, so we are exploring ways to offer a stake in Heart of the Harbour to everyone who wants to get involved—even if it is for a very small amount of money.  More info on that here:
And of course we welcome comments.
Oh, just in case you’re making long-range plans, please keep a few dates open for the summer of 2013.  You MUST MC our big opening concert in the new Gloucester Center for the Arts with 3000+ lawn seating.  We won’t open without YOU!
Thanks for everything you do for our City …

Sam Hartson Releases Unseen Footage From Celebrate Gloucester

Chickity Check It!

Sam Writes-

Today, I took some time out of my busy schedule to edit this unseen footage of Celebrate Gloucester. This song was not featured in the Celebrate Gloucester DVD main feature OR the bonus features.

Please enjoy the always incredible Inge Berge and his band (this was one of their first times playing together).

Do yourself a favor and watch in high def!

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