Vote GHS Football Jordan Shairs For High School Football Player of the Year Award

Please forward the link to this post around in your Facebook circles or email lists to get as many folks to vote as possible.  I plan to leave this post at the top of the site for a couple days for maximum visibility.  Gloucester people  get behind their own so please tweet this, email it and forward it to everyone you know.

Fox Boston is running it’s High School Football Player of The Year Award and Gloucester’s Jordan Shairs is In The Running

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High School Friday Player of the Year Award

Updated: Friday, 17 Dec 2010, 9:29 PM EST
Published : Friday, 17 Dec 2010, 6:00 PM EST

The following high school athletes have been nominated for the 2010 Fox 25 High School Friday Player of the Year Award.

We nominated 10 athletes who have appeared on Fox 25 at some point this season, and who shined above the rest on the football field.

It’s up to you to choose the winner! Voting will run until Sunday, Jan. 16 at 6 p.m. and we will award the winner live in studio Friday, Jan. 21 on the Fox 25 News at 6. Click here for Complete Voting Rules

From Fox Boston-


The Senior Running Back was the force behind a powerful Fisherman rushing attack. Shairs rushed for 31 TD’s this season, including two at Gillette Stadium in Gloucester’s Division 1A Super Bowl win over Bridgewater-Raynham.


What Does a $50 Lobster Roll Look Like???????

Via Grubstreet

“Last week, Ed’s Lobster Bar tweeted a photo of its white-truffle lobster roll, and we haven’t been able to stop drooling at the thought …….. The $50 roll is “the exact same as the regular [$27] lobster roll,” with the addition of three grams of white Alba truffles. “A little on the bottom, a little on top,” McFarland tells us.”

Does this thing look sick? Seriously, Ed from NYC have you lost your mind? It wasn’t enough to charge ill informed New Yorkers 27 bucks for a lobster roll, so you went with the old throw some expensive truffle on it since you are hedge fund rich trick!  I can’t believe this place won a Food Feud on TV. Why does the insanity continue with the Lobster Roll – Can’t anything be kept simple anymore? I want to film one of those Miller High Life Delivery Guy commercials where some Lobstermen come and take this guys lobsters away from him!

Sincerely – Patrick


Winter Solstice Tonight at 6:38 PM

Happy Festivus. Tonight at 6:38 PM the sun hopefully decides to turn and make the days longer beginning with tomorrow. But tonight we rest on the bottom of the analemma. (Remember the spelling by splitting Anal Emma.) The analemma is that figure eight drawn on globes to denote the sun passing through the sky all year.

Say what? Take me fishing off Rockport last October at dawn:

The dots represent where the sun is each morning at the same exact time, say 6:00 AM. This morning at 6:00 AM was very dark because the sun was at the yellow dot at the very bottom. The sun starts crawling slowly out of this hole tonight and by January 1 when we are jumping in the water the sun will be at the blue ball. Appropriately colored ball for jumping into 44 F water don’t you think?

Straitsmouth Island Light

Did you know that a 19-foot lighthouse tower and a keeper’s dwelling, both made of brick, were built on Straitsmouth Island in 1835, replaced by a second 37-foot tower in 1896, automated in 1967, and is still in operation. The first keeper was Benjamin Andrews, chosen because he was not likely to “serve as a juror, or to perform military duty.”  (Would love to know why.)  John Davis became keeper in 1841 at a yearly salary of $350. After inspecting Straitsmouth Island Light in 1842, engineer I.W.P. Lewis called the station a “specimen of contract work of the worst kind.” Straitsmouth Island was owned for many years by the naval architect William Francis Gibbs and his wife, New York socialite and opera supporter, Vera Cravath Gibbs.  The island was left to the Massachusetts Audubon

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

Society following the Gibbses’ deaths in the 1960s.

Bruce Bonham Sends Greetings From Canada

Hi Joey,
Thought I’d send you this holiday greeting from St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA!!
Thank God for GMG! Keeps us informed about the greatest place on earth.
All the best to you and your family,
Bruce and Louise Bonham
ps – see you at the dock in May — if all goes as planned!


Southeastern Mass’ Sun Times Linda Fasteson Crushin’ On Gloucester

What’s not to like, right?

Seaside holiday


Sunday, December 19, 2010 1:58 AM EST

Children of all ages painted buoys for Gloucester’s signature lobster trap Christmas tree. The buoys will be auctioned off at Cruiseport Gloucester Jan. 27 with proceeds benefitting programs at Art Haven. (Photo by Roger Fasteson)

Gloucester is about much more than just fish and ships

click here for the whole piece

Thanks to Arianne Doud for forwarding me this piece of Gloucester coverage which was a direct result of an invite by Bob Hastings at The Chamber of Commerce who has been working very successfully with the PR Firm Matter Communications to reach out to travel writers around the country.  This initiative has resulted in a large number of glowing reviews of our community by people who otherwise may never have heard about all the great things happening here. kudos to Matter communications, The Chamber of Commerce  and the folks who have been funding this PR initiative.

On the 4th Day Before Christmas…..


Posted by:    Mr. Paul F. (Paulie Walnuts) Frontiero Jr.

Free Wallpaper!

My Gift to the Readership of GMG!

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Merry Christmas!

E.J. Khan Discovers The Diving Locker At The Heritage Center

E.J. Khan Writes-

While exploring the waterfront, I came across this little hidden treasure, tucked behind the Maritime Heritage Center. Long-time diver, Paul Harling (diving since 1949 – that’s 61 years!), and the exhibit of old diving equipment and objects salvaged from sunken ships, is pretty amazing and fascinating. He says he gets lots of tourist visitors during the summer, but not many locals come through. Divers or people interested in diving history should definitely check out the Diving Locker; this is also an exhibit that I think most kids would find really cool (the outfitted mannequins look eerily real and a little like some video game or old Star Trek characters), and Paul would love the company and chance to tell about all the equipment and its history. Paul also has a scrapbook with some old photos and history about the Lanesville Stagecoach and the trolley, if your interest is more in movement above the water than below it. The Diving Locker is open every day except Thursday, all year.


OK It’s Time To Put Up!

Paulie Walnuts has issued a challenge of sorts.  He has called me out and challenged me to take part in the great tradition that is the Rocky Neck Plunge.

For those of you who don’t know, the Rocky Neck Plunge takes place on New Year’s Day at noon.  A number of folks strip down and plunge into the icy cold waters of the Atlantic on Rocky Neck.

First what you should know is that I don’t even like to go into the water at Good Harbor in June.  I prefer a heated pool to ice cold ankles which feel as if they would shatter with a mere tap.

This being said I think this could be an opportunity.  A big part of GMG has been to show people what can be done with a little initiative and to get folks more involved in our community.  There are all these cool things happening all around us and when people say “There’s nothing to do around here”  I just wanna bitch slap them and tell them to wake the fuck up!  There is an embarrassment of riches around here when it comes to getting involved in our community.

So here it is!  This is your chance.  This is a new year.  Whatcha gonna do?  You gonna join your boy Joey and take the challenge?  This could be the beginning of the rest of your life as someone who doesn’t just sit around but someone that takes life by the balls and says “Fuck it! I’m Gonna  Do It!”

Get up!  Rise out of that Chair and scream to the heavens-


No excuses!  2011 is gonna be even better than 2010!  Join me and others at Rocky Neck and bring the New Year in right!

Who Will Join Me?



click for video-


What I do for our readership.  Oy!