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How do you fix scratches on your Swagger Wagon?

Please watch my How To Video for step by step guide for the auto detailer in all of us.

If you don’t know what swagger wagon means, please watch this. Minivan is more than a vehicle that provides safe transportation for multiple passengers – It is a state of mind!

Regards – Patrick “Minivan” Ryan

Rockport’s Pageant has been Approved…

…by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.   Until now, no thorough online documentation of this great Rockport tradition existed.  But a researcher/photographer came to downtown Rockport this past Saturday and took some great photos of the Rockport Christmas Pageant under nearly perfect conditions (though a little snow would have been welcome).  The Pageant went off without a hitch.  The asses behaved, and so did the donkeys.  The choir sounded lovely, the three kings looked regal, and baby Jesus didn’t make a peep, though I can’t say the same for my own child.

photo credit: The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research

Check out The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research for, not only the pageant photos, but a great guide to all things aesthetically-fascinating in the New England Region.

Special thanks to Rockport Music for directing our attention to this resource.

Granny Day’s Swamp

Dogtown, Granny Day's Swamp

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

Did you know that Jane “Granny” Day (#20 or #21 Dogtown Road – controversy exists over which was her actual location) was a school teacher, who worked out of the single-room schoolhouse at Dogtown Square, and that her house apparently abutted this swamp, known for swallowing sheep and other careless creatures that wandered too close. She lived to the age of 94 and died in 1814. This is a photograph of Granny Day’s Swamp, or part of it anyway, as it looks today.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me you are about to start panicking because you haven’t bought any Christmas presents. Not a problem. Last year I stopped at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo right in the West End in Gloucester at 82 Main Street and picked up a ceramic striper and a map of our neighborhood from the 1800s.  My kitchen wall:

Besides Fred’s shop there is Bananas, David Cox’s Antique store and a bunch of other good places along Main street to pick up some weird stocking stuffers.

You might ask, what the hell is that thing to the left it looks like an eel is stuck in the wall?! I call him Spot and I laugh every time I see it.  I picked that up on the 2010 Artisan’s Tour from Twin Light Studio on 52 South Street Rockport. Erin and Scott have a wall of these fish heads. You can click here and download the  2010 Artisans Brochure and circle Cape Ann picking up Christmas presents. The potters David Archibald (Plum Cove Pottery), Marty Morgan (428 Washington St), and Cynthia Curtis (follow signs to Paper House and go to top of hill), are great for picking up that last minute gift. And I just thought of another good gift. Have you got a husband or son you want to punt out of the house this winter for just a few hours? Give him the gift of a set of pottery lessons at Cynthia Curtis’ studio. She and expert potters from across Cape Ann teach you how much fun it is to throw a pot. If you don’t want to teach your husband how to throw a pot, send the kids on the weekend. All the addresses/contact info are in the brochure.

So get Christmas shopping but leave me some, I haven’t started yet.

[edit] Sheesh I called David Cox, Fred Cox. Sometimes I type too fast without thinking. Don’t anyone tell him. He doesn’t go on the intertubes so he’ll never know.

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