The Results Are In And Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree Smokes The Competition

The results of our impartial poll asking voters which lobster trap tree is tops, the Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree absolutely obliterated the competition.  The results confirm the fantastic taste of our readership.  Congratulations on being part of a highly skilled voting group which has once again reaffirm my utmost confidence in 92.98% of you.image

The 2010 Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree


Cape Ann YMCA Youth Sports Basketball League Registration


Join us Saturday morning as we continue on with our Youth Sports League.  Each basketball league is age specific and will help to teach the game of basketball.  Participants will be instructed on the fundamentals of basketball, including dribbling, passing and shooting.  Players will be placed on teams with volunteer coaches.  Team T-shirts will be distributed on the 2nd week of play.  League begins January 8th.  Registrations are due Monday, January 3rd.  For more information contact Katy Milne at

The league game times will be held as follows:

Rookies (Grades 2-3)- 9:30 AM

Mites (Grades K-1)- 10:30 AM

Dyno-Mites (Ages 3.5-5)- 11:30 AM

Fee: Members- $50

        Community- $75

Katy Milne | Youth & Sports Director
Cape Ann YMCA

71 Middle Street | Gloucester, MA 01930

Barbara & Jerry McAllister From Vero Beach Wish The GMG Community Happy Holidays!


Hi Joey,

We hope you and your family are having a blessed and beautiful Christmas Season.  Our best wishes for a happy and most importantly healthy 2011. I so much love GMG and wanted to send a greeting from Vero Beach (since we finally have thawed out from 27 degrees!!)  I look forward to GMG EVERYDAY.  I want a greasy pole ornament.  Let me know how to get one.  Is it snowing there yet??? 

Best Wishes,

Barbara & Jerry McAllister


I just got an email from a guy who wants me to help him understand wordpress (the blogging platform which GMG uses). So I called him back.

This guy wants to start a blog and the premise of the blog has merit but when I asked him what he was stuck on as far as setting up the blog it was honestly some of the most rudimentary of things such as inserting a photo and adding pages. 

As many of you know I like to help people but when I asked him if he had even attempted to use the help sections in the support pages of wordpress his response was that the explanations were too “wordy” and that by sitting down one on one with someone it would be easier.  OK, I can understand all this up to this point and was still willing to help out with some of the basics over the phone.  I gave him a bunch of my shortcuts and tips.

But then he said something that really turned me off to the whole idea of helping him.

His words- “I’d be willing to sit down with you some time this week so you can teach me one on one how to do all this”

Really now?  I guess I should be honored that he would allow me to donate my time and expertise gleaned after thousands of hours figuring all this out on my own.

He would be willing to sit down with me.  I wonder if I should pay him for his time while I teach him all the ins and outs of blogging.  I guess if I have any time away from the dock he feels it would be best spent directly being his one-on-one tutor. 

Don’t get me wrong I like to help people but I’m not all about being the doormat who every time someone needs a free photo for a news story or for publicity for some commercial venture that I should be the thankful one for being the one to provide it.  How bout a fucking please or sounding a little bit thankful instead of assuming that I have nothing better to do. 

All it would have taken was one single please or hint of being thankful.  I like to help but don’t take me for a doormat.

end of rant

2011 Dogtown and Babson Boulders Calendar

The Calendars are in! And the printer did a beautiful job on them. This high quality, uniquely Cape Ann, 8.5×11″ (11×17″ open) 12 month calendar is now available to purchase, just in time for that unique last minute gift you were searching for, or that special calendar for yourself. It includes 12 stunning full size black and white photos of Babson Boulders (Kindness, Spiritual Power, Courage, Loyalty, Ideas, Use Your Head, Industry, Be On Time, Study, Work, Truth and Keep Out of Debt), along with a two-page history of Dogtown, Roger Babson and the Babson Boulders. They are available at Joncien, 25 Bearskin Neck, Rockport, Dogtown Book Shop, 132 Main Street, Gloucester, Toad Hall Bookstore, 47 Main Street, Rockport and through Khan Studio in Annisquam Village at a cost of $15 ($20 if you want it shipped). This calendar will make a great gift for anyone who loves Cape Ann, rocks, nature, Dogtown, timeless words of wisdom, history and heritage of this little slice of Heaven we inhabit. You can see it at  Please email me at if you would like to order one (or more), or stop by any of the above-mentioned shops. If you don’t happen to live on or near Cape Ann, you can order, pay by credit card and have one shipped to you by Joncien (call Leslie Asare at Joncien 978-546-9161, or if you can’t reach her, call EJ at 857-891-9054). Happy Holidays. EJ

Exciting little newsflash.  The Sorenson Center for the Arts at Babson College just ordered 40 Dogtown and Babson Boulders calendars.  I am honored to have a bunch of my calendars go to Babson College, probably the most important of the many life projects of

Roger Ward Babson.