Did you know? Roger Babson

E.J. Lefavour  writes-

Did you know?

That Roger Babson, founder of Babson College, and the philanthropist millionaire who hired unemployed stonecutters after the Great Depression to carve messages on the boulders scattered throughout Dogtown, was also instrumental in the formation of the Squam Rock Land Trust? This Trust maintains and protects the large tract of rolling meadow, boulders (including Squam Rock) and trails that lead from Walnut Street down to Lighthouse Beach, from development in perpetuity. Sarah Hackett, 84-year-old Annisquam native, remembers when Babson came to her grandfather’s house to impress upon him the importance of protecting this land from the rich who would build their mansions on it and block the village residents’ access. Those of you who know Squam Rock, can you tell what is wrong with this picture?

Answer: (Squam Rock is not actually carved on Squam Rock, but on the granite block at Squam Rock Road and Walnut Street)


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