A Note To Jimmy T- We Still Love You Man!


You didn’t let anyone down.

You’re filled with passion and it shows.  Anyone who knows you knows how funny you are and how much you give back to the community.

Just getting the amount of people behind you that got you voted on the show is a testament to how much you are loved around town.

So hold your head up buddy! You’re still tops with the people that matter- your friends and family!


Jimmy T The Day After-

How Many Days Til KAOS Rows Seine Boats Once Again?


9 thoughts on “A Note To Jimmy T- We Still Love You Man!

  1. Jimmy T had a problem that many Survivor contestants have had; an inability to keep his mouth shut.

    Unlike most of them, though, he admitted this in his exit interview. He said his strategy was to keep quiet, and he failed. For that I commend him.

    Jimmy T didn’t win, but he acquitted himself well. And with the exception of his attempts at throwing the fishing net, he represented Gloucester well.


  2. We know the real Jimmy . Just like he said he played with his heart and they played with their head. It just means that he is ALL heart. Jimmy your still the best in My book and I’m proud to call you my friend………….P.S…… I hope that Marty guy steps in a big pile of dog shit.


  3. I think he deserves all the credit in the world — both for doing it and for having such a great perspective on it afterwards. You’re a good Gloucesterman, Jimmy T.


  4. SO happy someone posted this…Jimmy T you have to know that even those Cape Anners of us who have never met you (me!), we are all still so proud of you for getting on the show in the first place and for making it as far as you did! Jimmy Johnson said it himself when HE was voted off…it was the hardest thing he has ever gone through, including the Super Bowls. WE LOVE YOU JIMMY T! Don’t you dare listen to anyone who says anything less…and please hold your head up high because we are all proud of you!


  5. Hats off to you Jimmy T. You did your best and your exit speech was perfect. We all know you are good stock – congratulations for getting on the show and making it as far as you did. We are proud to have you in our community.


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