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A Barter Available to You

Ever hear the story of the kid who bartered a  free cell phone up to a Porsche or a red paperclip up to a house? Craigslist offers yet another random section under for sale, called barter. Here is a local one available to you:

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector (Gloucester)

I have a $750.00 Bounty Hunter metal detector that I would like to trade for an Ipad tablet.This machine has been used three times and just sits in a closet.I need to trade it for something I can use.I would like to get a 32 gig Apple IPAD for trade.Let me know what you have and we can go from there.Thanks for reading.Comes with bag and two coils and manual.

I have always told my wife,  when I retire I just want an old school lawn chair (you know the ones that you can’t strap on your back) and a metal detector. I will roam the beaches with my headphones on and dream of the big find.  I hope someone takes their Ipad, trades it for the metal detector, finds a huge diamond ring and then buys a house on Good Harbor Beach. With a name like Bounty Hunter were you really expecting a metal detector? I was thinking sawed off shotgun.

Joey – You think you can convince them to go for a Windows 7 Netbook so they can edit video?

John Atkinson Checks In From the Southern Hemisphere


hey joey, don’t say we were not thinking of everyone in beautiful gloucester. we finished our aerial photographic survey of the endangered southern right whales and got a few good shots! in one of the attached photo is of the pilot oscar, me, and science officer/camera asssistant marcos standing by our airplane. second shot of whale breach we got in the last hour of our survey  we all send greetings to everyone in gloucester! john atkinson


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