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Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

Jon talks about his relationship with Chad Carlberg, gives us a tour of his workspace inside the Birdseye building, shows how some of the pieces for the Guster Music Video were made and how success breeds success.

Look for part II tomorrow

Tunes at the Topside Grill

Hello, here is an update for this weekend for The Topside Grill…


Who: Samantha Farrell

When: Thursday 9/30/10. 8:00pm

Where: Topside Grill


Who: Ryan Faraday

When: Friday 10/1/10: 9:00pm

Where: Topside Grill

See below for more info…

Upcoming Events:

Thursday September 30
Samantha Farrell:
If I had to describe her, I’d say she was a mix between Norah Jones and Corrine Bailey Rae. Samantha Farrell is a sparkling young singer-songwriter based out of Boston, who has been wowing critics and audiences alike, across the country with her unique mixture of jazz and folk-rock influenced  pop.  Described by national music magazine Relix as possessing “prodigious and undulating vocals that are delivered with rare, swinging passion,” and as a “soulful mix of Van Morrison’s country hospitality, Ella Fitzgerald’s jazzy range and Fiona Apple’s modern honesty,” Farrell has been touring the North east in support of her latest two efforts; Her full length album “Luminous” was produced by the late LeRoi Moore, a founding member and saxophone player for the Dave Matthews Band. “Luminous,” a completely independent release, sky rocketed to #7 on the national pop iTunes charts from it’s formidable grass roots support. Her music has been heard on major network television shows such as “Shark” (NBC), Privileged and One Tree Hill (CW). For more information, find her on the web at

Friday October 1
Ryan Faraday:
At 24 years old, Ryan Fardy has had a fantastic start to his 9-year career.  He has played to crowds all over New England and the United States (Las Vegas, California, Florida…etc), and even Canada.  He has opened for the legendary Chaka Khan, Leon Russell, Edgar Winter, Mountain, Snoop Dogg, Rick Derringer, Hoobastank, and more.  He was also the featured cover story for Boston Blues Magazine at the age of 18. With an upbringing on the Boston Area blues scene, Ryan has created his own genre, mixing Blues, Rock, Funk, R&B, Soul, and Pop.  He is striving to make his songwriting ability known even though he still holds the “guitarslinger” tag throughout the Boston area.  His shows combine the inventiveness of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, the passion of Eric Clapton, and the on stage intensity of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Audiences typically find themselves in awe of his command of the guitar and of the stage, and have trouble believing that they are witnessing the talents of someone so young.  However, they don’t have any trouble believing that they are seeing a performer who has a very bright future. Check out more at


Doug Silva

General Manager

Topside Grill

50 Rogers St.

Gloucester, MA

(978) 281-1399 (Business)

(978) 335-1014 (Cell)

Just Announced – Sled Dog Races at Appleton!

The Second Annual Myopia Sled Dog Races was just announced and is changing venues to Appleton Farms. I went to this event last year and it was a big hit with the kids.  The first race of the day is a crazy version of cross country skiing, where folks get pulled by their dogs and insanity ensues. Then the youngsters take the helm and you will be astonished how fast they go. I believe this event will get bigger and better each year, as long as they are lucky with the snow.  Appleton is going to be  a great venue for this and will likely offer better spectator viewing  along the course.

Check out their website and their Facebook page

I hope you are enjoying your extended summer. Just a friendly reminder, don’t forget to change the oil in your snow blower. Winter is right around the corner! Weather folks are predicting wild swings in weather this winter.

Quote Of The Week Sent In By Greg Bover

I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

Steven Wright 1955-

American comedian, actor and writer. He is known for his distinctly lethargic voice and slow, deadpan delivery of ironic, philosophical and sometimes nonsensical jokes and one-liners with contrived situations.

Greg Bover


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