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What Up Homie?

Kim Smith Submits these pictures of a Homie with a hook stuck in it.

Hi Joey,

Your posting about Richie Cassola reminded me to send these photos of a Homie that has been hanging out at the Eastern Point Lighthouse this past week. Despite the hook, he is managing to find sustenance. I just hope the fishing line doesn’t get caught on anything!

Homie with fish hook-1

Homie with fish hook-2

Santarpios Just Got A Little Closer

Santarpios, a classic Boston Pizzeria has expanded outside its East Boston landmark location to Peabody. It is right above the Sonic on the Northbound side or Route 1.  Last weekend the family loaded up the minivan and battled Cadillacs for parking spots on their opening weekend. Luckily, we got in right before 5 pm, because when we left there was over an hour and a half wait.

There have been rumors on the opening since July. The delay was due to waiting on an oven from one of the few American manufacturers of large rotating convection ovens. I saw this thing in action it was worth the wait. When they were ready to open, they didn’t call any media outlets, they just put a sign on a utility truck that said “OPEN”.

The decor is clean and simple. The old Bennigans location without the flare. Nothing on the wall except for a few boxing photos. The bar is a family affair and everyone was smiling. The menu is the exact same as the East Boston location. Same awesome pizza and BBQ Sausage/Lamb. Of course comparisons will come to the original and of course there is only one original location. When you go you need to know that you start with a bbq offering of sausage and/or lamb and then pick your pizzas. They offer cold beer, which I have heard goes pretty well with pizza.

I commend Santarpio’s on a successful expansion and thank them for bringing their classic pizza to the North Shore.  My only worry is that people will try to pack in a trip to Santarpio’s and then Sonic for the tater tots. Check out the new location and the “Food Fueds” episode coming to the Food Network on October 14th, where Santarpio’s battles another Boston legend, Pizzeria Regina.

The toughest critic crushed 3 slices

Santarpio's version of Social Media

The Best of Sorellanza ~ Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sorellanza, Sisters in Song,

The Best of Sorellanza

with Patti Pike Music Director

Sunday, October 3rd
at 4:00 pm
St. Johns Episcopal Church
48 Middle Street, Gloucester
(978) 283-1708

Saturday, October 23rd
at 7:00 pm
St. Adelaide Church
708 Lowell Street, Peabody
(978) 535-1985

tickets $10

Why You Can’t Trust Reality Shows

Anyone who knows their way around the North Shore knows that the opening scene from the Amazing Race when host Phil was on the rolling hill was Castle Hill In Ipswich and not Gloucester MA .  The rest of the scenes from Eastern Point Yacht Club and Gloucester Harbor were shot in Gloucester but there was no mention of Ipswich in any of the show.

Much like the editing of Survivor, I simply refuse to believe that Jimmy T was angry the whole time he was on the show like they would have you believe by watching it.  ANYONE who has been around Jimmy knows he is one of the funniest and warm hearted people you would ever want to meet.

The Mrs always scolds me when I talk about how skeptical I am of the way TV producers try to take you down a certain path in your mind trying to figure out what is going to happen next.  my guesses are always opposite of what the producers would have you believe because I feel like they are editing for maximum shock value when the end results are shown.  She’s always telling me “Can we just watch the show without all your conspiracy theories?”  After watching these two shows, and being fans of both shows for years and now seeing what I know to be true turned on it’s head I think skeptical is the way to go.

Pick Your Own Apples at Russell’s Orchard

It’s that time of year. Joey in 2008: “Have you picked apples this year?” If you haven’t now is the time. Russell’s Orchard in Essex (Follow signs for Crane’s Beach) has trees loaded with crispy tasty apples that just taste ten times better than apples that have been sitting around in a grocery store. You think Gaia are flavorful? Taste one right off the tree.

If you have small children who need to pick their own pumpkin, take a hayride out to the fields, eat cider donuts fresh out of the machine, or pet a bunny you need to go next weekend to Russell’s Orchard. Click here for how Pick your Own. Hayrides are thrown in free on the weekends.

Find them on Facebook.

If you are an old curmudgeon who thinks a hayride is just for kids think again. The tractor drivers are comedians.

I take this guy’s photo and as he pulls even with me, “Hope my face didn’t break your camera!”

Go early on the weekend as this is very popular although Russell’s is set up to handle a crowd. Plenty of parking and plenty of stuff to do. I didn’t even make it to the winery. This time. Meanwhile I have homemade apple crisp with vanilla ice cream on the menu this week. 298 days until the Blackburn Challenge. Plenty of time to fit into the kayak.

Open 9-5 every day. You miss out on the hayride if you go during the week.

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