Gathering Epidermal Tissue Samples of Sperm Whales Aboard Ocean Alliance’s Odyssey

This video was taken 10 miles from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill


Ian Kerr writes in-

Hi Joey,

Sorry for not being in better touch but we have been keeping busy.

As I hope you are aware we are posting daily updates from the Gulf on our ocean alliance websites – do you want me to forward these to you I will – and you can pick an choose if you want to put them up.  Also we had Alexander Cousteau on the Odyssey and have some good blogs from her also, the links are following:

Thanks to the donation (& installation) of a V SAT aboard Odyssey we have posted daily voyage logs on the both the Ocean Alliance & USM websites, and we have developed a large audience on our face book pages ‘A race to Save our oceans’ and ‘Ocean Alliance’.

We had a great interaction with Alexandra Cousteau’s group Blue Legacy.

There is a guest blog from Dr. John Wise on the blue legacy website with a really neat picture looking down on Alexandra and John from the midlevel platform:

The Blue Legacy cameraman (Ian) also wrote a blog about his time aboard Odyssey with us:

There are some photos and articles of us with Alexandra on the National Geographic website including a great one of Cathy Wise and Alexandra Cousteau at the microscope in the boat lab:

Anne Casselman, the expedition Writer, for Expedition Blue Planet, the project that is being lead by Alexandra Cousteau also wrote a nice story which is up on the USM site:

This expedition, and the network of partners we have, combined with the value of the Gulf research analysis we plan to independently release, can have a significant, long-term effect on how the Gulf ecosystem is restored and how policy decisions relating to drilling and the use of oil dispersants are made.

Here is the interview I did with Ian the day they left Gloucester to begin their incredible expedition on July 8,2010-

Keep up the good work.

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