GMG’s Newest Homie

I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to Joey C for asking me to join the GMG crew. The bad part for the reader is that I am not a former greasy pole champion, just a 3 time attendee, and everything I know about Gloucester I learned from this blog.  The truth is I moved to the North Shore 3 years ago from Brooklyn and am just starting to scratch the surface for everything Gloucester. I love to get the family out to all sorts of events in Gloucester and beyond. I am really looking forward to covering all sorts of random things around the area and posting here.

This past weekend, I was excited to check out the Soap box derby, but got outvoted by my wife and 2 girls for a local Farm day. That’s my life and it also means I don’t have anything for you yet. I’ll keep trying -Stay tuned.

Thanks – Patrick R.

7 thoughts on “GMG’s Newest Homie

  1. Welcome aboard, Patrick. We’re a motley crew, and we’re all dedicated to bringing our humor, talent, and risque behavior to these pages! Looking forward to your contributions!


  2. Welcome. I look forward to meeting a fellow Brooklynite (although I moved from there when I was 6). My son and his family are still there but, I have no doubt, will eventually settle in Gloucester. We’ve only been here four months, but it feels like home.


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