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You read my thoughts on the iPad two days ago

Now read this article from ZDNet that came out today by clicking the link below-

The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things


I’m by no means inferring that these guys plagiarized me but it seems they think about the device similarly in the way I do.

Here’s a link to my post a couple of days ago-

Thoughts On The iPad

A couple of upgrades to the storage and ability to edit video would make me a buyer.

It was interesting that they found that watching video not ideal on the iPad.  In my admittedly short experience handling one I found watching video t be one of it’s strengths.

Playground Twin Lights Restored

Kudos to Bruce Dexter the visitor center volunteer who called in repairs, the public works folks for fixing, Rotary Club people, and whoever else made and helps to upkeep these awesome old wooden play structures! Vandals took them down a few weeks ago and busted them up (for shame!), but they are restored and ready to rumble! They are so much fun and incredibly well loved by tones of happy kids everyday at Stage Fort Park. Just another unique and awesome tidbit in Gloucester!

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