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GMG Tech Talk- Flip Video Cameras

Much like yesterday’s tech talk post about the iPad I’m going to share my opinions on some of the popular new technology that has been gaining the hearts of consumers and what I like and think is downright stupid about them.

Today I would like to explain my feelings about pocked HD video cameras that have been become relatively popular in the past two or three years.  There are brands like the Flip,Kodak Zi, and Sony Bloggie. You may have heard about them or seen someone use them.  They are small, pocketable and pretty convenient for capturing video on the go.

If anyone remembers my adventure into buying a DSLR for use taking pictures for GMG, here is a post from July 2009 when I had decided to sell the original camera used for taking pictures and video for the blog to upgrade to a DSLR.  I sold my original Sony DSC H3 and bought a Nikon D40 and within a day of making the purchase I regretted it terribly.  The reason I regretted it terribly was because when capturing the amount of content for the blog that I do I found that I absolutely needed to have the camera on my person.  A big bulky DSLR that was up in the office when a rare lobster came in or in the truck when I wanted to capture something in a shop downtown was absolutely useless to me.  The adage I heard (and unfortunately don’t remember who to attribute it to) of “The best camera is the one you have with you” is without question the principal which dictates my camera buying ever since my foray into the realm of the chunky DSLR.

The original GMG camera the Sony DSC H3


The Nikon D40 DSLR which I owned for two days before returning-


I realized that the smaller pocketable Sony was doing a great job for the blog and immediately missed it.  It took video but not HD video which was something that was becoming more and more popular at the time.  After researching a bit more I found just the camera- it was the camera I use currently- a Sony DSC H20. The H20 was simply the next generation of the original camera I owned, the Sony DSC H3.  It had a nice zoom for capturing stuff that was happening across the harbor like the H3 had but it added HD video recording which is my passion.  The interviews for me are the most fun so being able to capture interviews in HD in a pocketable camera in HD and also take great pictures in that same camera is the perfect combination. No extra video camera, all in one solution, on my person, all the time.

The Sony DSC H20 (the current GMG Camera for your boy Joey)-


So this is where I get to the part where I explain why I think the small Flip cameras are a stupid idea.

Much like the iPad gives you way less functionality than a small laptop computer for a whole lot more money, the pocket video cameras give you way less functionality than a small form camera that also takes great photos.  The small flip cameras have smaller lenses and thereby take much less quality video and video than a camera with image stabilization and a larger lens not to mention the fact that the pocket camera like the Sony DSC H20 take great pictures IN ADDITION TO video for a tiny fraction more money.  so people don’t be fooled by gimmicks.  if you want a small video camera look no further than the current point and shoots that incorporate HD video along with decent photo taking.

You can read about the more popular pocket video cameras here on CNET reviews

Flip Slide HD pocket video camera-


Am I missing something?  I encourage other tech nerds like myself to chime in and give your opinions.

2011 Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse Registration is Now Open

The Fastest sport on two feet!

2011 Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse Registration is now open until December 2010

To register visit

Season Information:
Season runs from the end of March through June
Practices meet twice a week at Magnolia Woods
Games are on Sunday’s

Minimum 17 players and a 21 maximum per team, once a team has reached the 22 player maximum, we will wait list all others until a second team can be formed.

Boys teams for 2011
7th and 8th Grade Boys U15
5th and 6th Grade Boys U13
4th and 3rd Grade Boys U11
K thru 2nd Grade Boys U9

Girls teams for 2011
7th and 8th Grade Girls U15
5th and 6th Grade Girls U13
3rd and 4th Grade Girls U11
1st and 2nd Grade Girls U9

Registration Fee:
U9 $120
U11 $150
U13 $150
U15 $150

U9 $120
U11 $120
U13 $120
U15 $120

Fees cover U.S. Lacrosse annual player fee, Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL) program fees, Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League, (MBGLL) program fees, game officials, CAYL uniforms and equipment.

Please Note:
The USLAX fee is NOT included in the Registration Fee
On December, 1, 2010 all CAYL registration fees will increase $25.00

Additional information contact

Quote of The Week Sent In By Greg Bover

Quote of the week, September 20, 2010:

Each of us literally chooses, by his way of attending to things, what sort of universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit.

William James 1842-1910


Brother of novelist Henry James, Godson of Ralph Waldo Emerson, James taught at Harvard most of his adult life and was a leader in the Pragmatic School of Philosophy.

He wrote The Principles of Philosophy in 1890, The Will to Believe in 1897, and the influential Varieties of Religious Experience in 1902.

Greg Bover

Fish Box Derby -2010 Drivers, Finalist and the Fans

More Fish Box Derby Photos….  

 Click on the below Photos to enlarge the Finalist  

Click on Photo to view Slide_Show of the FANS


Click on Photo to View the Slide_Show of the Drivers

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