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Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association Course

Dean Burgess writes in-

Hi Joey,

       It`s Dean Burgess form the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association here in Gloucester.We have a club of over 100 amateur radio operators and we are sponsoring a course to to the people of Gloucester if any are interested in getting their Technician class amateur radio license which is an entry level license.I have attached a PDF flyer with all of the necessary information.If others are interested in what is happening in amateur radio here in Gloucester they can go to our clubs website at .

On a side note I do enjoy the GMG website and you put a lot of hard work on letting all of us know what is happening culturally here in town-I also like the homie pics

Thanks in advance if you can add this to your website.

Dean Burgess

Click the picture below for full size version


Living With The Dunes Workshop September 29th

Hi Joe,

I am the Gloucester Conservation Agent (I’ve been here for a year–is that still considered new?). The Gloucester Conservation Commission is hosting a "Living in Dunes" workshop at City Hall on September 29 at 7pm. I have attached the poster, but was hoping maybe you could help us get the word out through Good Morning Gloucester.

It is geared toward helping those who live in the Wingaersheek Rd/Coffins beach area and the Gloucester end of Long Beach and are thinking to build, add on,, create a driveway,upgrade their septic, etc… This is free and will help them understand what it means to be in a dune.

We have a great set of experts speaking–a coastal geologist, a land use attorney and an environmental scientist. They are listed on the flier.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!!!


Lisa Press
City of Gloucester
Conservation Agent



Charlee Bianchini Has a Couple Of Bikes For Sale


Hi Joey!
How are things going down at the Dock?? Let’s get coffee soon and catch up!
I’m wondering if you could do me a huge favor.  I’m trying to sell a couple bikes, and was wondering if you could put an announcement on GMG for me?  I’m not sure you do that sort of thing, but I thought I’d ask.
I’m including the pictures of them, and you can tell people if they’re interested then send me an email:
Greatly Appreciative! and let me know when you’re free.  I should be around this week if you want to hit up the Gull!
The green bike is only a few years old, and in absolutely perfect condition–not a spot of rust on it. I’m trying to sell that one for $300, but am flexible.  The red bike is a bit older but still rides very well. I’ll sell that at $200, again flexible.


Here is a video of Cahrlee conducting an interview with your boy Joey before she left for China last year.

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