Sustainability ratings (via northshorewaterman)

UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Wasn’t it just last year when they said they wouldn’t sell lobsters any more because they considered it inhumane to hold them in crates?
Read Doug Maxfield- the most honest fisherman I haven’t had the pleasure to meet.

Bloomberg business published an article this week regarding Whole Foods efforts to apply sustainability ratings to its seafood (  With Walmart and Target Corp removing several species from its retail stores this past year and Trader Joe’s announcing that it will only sell sustainable seafood by 2012, the green wave continues to spread.  And, while these companies simply want to make tons … Read More

via northshorewaterman

If there is one blog to subscribe to I would say subscribe to Doug’s but there is no button on his blog to subscribe that I can find.  So the next best thing to do is what I always advocate for readers of this here fancy blog- bookmark it and check back often.

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