Sister Felicia Rosa Rugosa Rose Petal Jelly Entry For The Topsfield Fair


Rosa Rugosa Rose Petal Jelly

After capturing the life cycle of the rosa rugosa and documenting it throughout the year in the early stages of GMG I thought it would be cool to film a segment of how the Rosa Rugosa Rose Hips are made into rose hip jelly.  Having neither the time this time of year to tape her or the cooking skills on any level to do it myself who else would I turn to but my sister Felicia?

What I didn’t know is that people not only made jelly from the rose hips (the round fruit that is left after the petals drop), but also the rosa rugosa petals.  She made both for entry into the Topsfield Fair.  When you enter a canning product you have to include a recipe sheet and the instructions are very specific for what they want and how you put them into certain classes.  We added a 25 picture collage of the Rosa Rugosa Life Cycle on the recipe sheet to give our entry a little extra punch.

Felicia is going to tape a segment on how to make it with Gianni Gallo and Joe Langhan for The Gloucester Times Recipe On Demand.  So look for that soon.

2 cups water
3 cups unsprayed pink rose petals, thicker tissue at base of petals removed
2 1/2 cups rosa rugosa petal infused sugar
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 ounces liquid pectin
1 tablespoon rose water

13 thoughts on “Sister Felicia Rosa Rugosa Rose Petal Jelly Entry For The Topsfield Fair

  1. GORGEOUS! I will see her there! Make sure to decorate the lid of the jar (I think that is in the rules that is it allowable). Here’s hoping for a blue ribbon! Good Luck Felicia!


    1. Thanks Laurie, It’s something I have always want to do. & My brother finally gave me the push to enter something this year. I love to can, different things from the garden. They make great gifts through out the year. I grew up watching my grandparents can their tomatoes from their garden. It was something my grandparents enjoyed doing together for many years, & I was lucky enough to help them many times.. FYI, decorating you lid is only allowed if you enter a basket,or assorted items!


  2. Yum! That looks lovely. I also have a recipe I’ve never tried for Rose Hip Marmalade made from the hips cooked with thin slivers of lemon and oranges.

    Hope she brings home a blue ribbon.


    1. Kathleen,
      I bet the marmalade would be delicious. Joey & I decided that we wanted to enter the purest product directly from our coastal backshore rosa Rogusa bushes. It is absoutly delicious. Well worth all the work. Some day I will try making the the maralade


  3. I will have to check the jams and jellies out. Could be there the first Saturday if I find that my brother who grows giant pumpkins on the other Cape is entering something.

    The last time I went ten years ago the winner was around 800 pounds and now a lot of them are over a thousand. A asked him why he did it and he said he likes to drive around Sandwich with a giant pumpkin in the back of the truck. Draws a crowd at the grocery store.


    1. The giant pumpkins are my twins favorite thing to see. We always write each of our winning weight guesses down before going to the fair. We wish him luck & will be looking for it there!


      1. After reading through a few giant pumpkin sites and with the fine weather we had this summer I would put down 1,523 pounds for the winning pumpkin at Topsfield this year.

        Crazy. Watch out driving on October 1 as there might be some overloaded pickup trucks heading down 128.


  4. Beautiful Felicia….it’s a sure winner! The color is divine!

    Collage is a great idea – that really should be framed. I’d buy in a minute.

    Good luck..


  5. Was doing a search for rugosa rose images, and this jelly came up. I think I can taste it just looking at the photo. I’ts a beauty. Hope you were rewarded for your hard work.


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