Spirit Of Bermuda- It Doesn’t Suck

This Boat Has Been Tied Up At The Dock Next To Us For Three Days Now. 

I’ve never seem more standing around in my life.  It’s like they are posing for animal crackers all day long.

What a fucking life.


9 thoughts on “Spirit Of Bermuda- It Doesn’t Suck

    1. I’m going to take a guess that “posing for animal crackers” is a Joeyism original. Seems self descriptive. Anyone posing for an animal cracker would probably not move all that much and they also are posed in very non-moving sort of way. I worked for a chef once who always said “that counter is for glasses not asses” when he caught us sitting in the kitchen. I would bet “posing for animal crackers” is a similar saying.

      But my question is, can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

      Where Animal Crackers really come from:


  1. Greetings from the Spirit of Bermuda Management and Crew!

    Bermuda Sloop Foundation would like to thank all of our new and old friends and family in Gloucester for welcoming us with open arms. Prior to sailing to Gloucester, our crew have been hard at work for three weeks conducting our annual maintenance in Belfast and Rockport. We have settled in Gloucester to wait out Hurricane Katia for a few days, which has also given our crew some much needed and well deserved R&R. We would like to thank Brown’s Yacht Yard for being so awesome and accommodating. We welcome anyone who would like to come by for a tour. Once back in Bermuda, we will be back to work conducting our youth program targeting our island’s 13 year olds. We welcome anyone who comes to Bermuda to come find us in Dockyard.

    Thanks again for all of your hospitality.
    Denise Riviere
    Executive Director


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