“Hostage Art Is Cruel” by Deb Clarke

from Deb Clarke:

“Hostage Art is Cruel.  Do not negotiate.  Just keep doing it.” deb Clarke

 and you can quote me on that!

I just did Deb!

If I give in, they win!

Only Days away from revealing the culprits

you can run but……….

11 thoughts on ““Hostage Art Is Cruel” by Deb Clarke

  1. “Please Kathleen”

    See! This is a perfect example of what I am talking about. However, I do think everyone should try to “Please Kathleen”…. I’m quite cranky when people fail to please me…


  2. Van Gogh, Cezanne, Degas, and now Frontiero. Many people world wide have offered rewards for these works of art to be returned so the least that I can do is offer to meet the demands if Paul will let me. I have put the offer out there and I’m willing to be the negotiator to end this cruelty.


  3. i love to write and i love this thread. i’ve learned so much about the power of the comma.

    it reminds me of a short film i saw on pbs: “A Word of Defiance”.

    can you guess the word?


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