Confirmed: 25th Blackburn Challenge is Saturday July 23, 2011

Mark your calendars. Donna Lind of the Cape Ann Rowing Club has confirmed today that the Silver Jubilee, 25th running of the Blackburn Challenge will be on Saturday, July 23, 2010. (I had posted a tentative date of July 16, make sure and scratch that out.)

The Blackburn Challenge is a twenty plus mile open water race around Cape Ann using any seaworthy oar or paddle powered craft. There were 300 craft that made it around in this summer’s race and likely more will be entered on the magic 25th running.

There are only 316 days, and 15 hours to get ready. I have a countdown timer for motivation here.

I made a google map of the course with notes here.

5 thoughts on “Confirmed: 25th Blackburn Challenge is Saturday July 23, 2011

  1. Perfect. Or almost perfect. I’ll do another update to the Blackburn as soon as I can find a pink bar replacement that looks like waves and find a dude in a kayak instead of a surfboard.

    Thanks for suggesting that. I now know way more than I need to know about timers. If someone wants to find a kayak and waves at TickerFactory and send me a link by all means, I’ll send you a hostage rock in return.


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