Art Rocks At Celebrate Gloucester!



6 thoughts on “Art Rocks At Celebrate Gloucester!

  1. I was wondering where that one went. When I checked on it’s last location Saturday it was gone. I have never recieved an email from the one who “FOUND” It.
    I hope there’s no foul play involved with this one.
    Due to the threat of “Hostage” taking, I will no longer be putting out clues on GMG. I dropped two more rocks this past weekend. Without clues on GMG. One on T-wharf and one on the Paint Factory road. Both are gone and have not yet been reported.
    Maybe that was the intent of The Hostage taker. He got bored of my “Art, Rocks!” and wanted to put a stop to it.
    They’ll still be dropped, but without any prior clues.
    We are close to finding you. We are checking film from the Coast Guard Stations cameras. See you in Hell!


    1. I receive a communique from the hostage taker. He isn’t bored. He is just irritated he can’t find one but this is a person who daily can’t find his car keys. Maybe if you put an Art Rock out there for the directionally challenged? More clues not less.


  2. Don’t let the hostage takers win Paul!! ART Rocks… well, really Rocks! One even found its way to Celebrate Gloucester!! I can only imagine the sites these rocks have seen. Watch out for those cameras, some hacker may have found a way watch where your hiding places are.


  3. Your Right Ed! It could be an Inside Job! also, Those Rocks have a better Social life than I do. I’m Jealous.
    I could’nt ask for a more FANTASTIC Detective like you!
    Looking forward to more updates.
    I know I can count on you to watch my Back!


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