Meet Cape Pond Ice’s "Coolest" Millionaire!

Meet Cape Pond Ice’s "Coolest" Millionaire!

We all know that Cape Pond Ice’s Coolest Guys & Gals are Winners…..Well, Brandon Ward proved us right!

Brandon Ward has worked for Cape Pond Ice for over a year now.  He is currently managing our Bresnahan Ice Lawrence branch.  While out on his route delivering our "Pure Yankee Cold" he stop at Tony’s Convenience to fill them up.  They didn’t need ice…  so while he was there he bought a bottle of water, sunflower seeds and a $5.00 scratch ticket.  He finished up his route and once back at the shop he scratched his ticket.  To his surprise he won a $1 million grand prize on the Jumbo Bucks game!

Brandon is pictured here with his fiancee Jennifer Bompane, with his first of 20 annuity checks for $50,000.00 before taxes.    

Today Brandon is still working for Cape Pond Ice!

Everyone here at Cape Pond Ice could not be happier for him…..


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