Funky Gloucester

If you’ve ever been to Niles Beach then you recognize this funky ass hand railing and granite set of steps down to the beach.  You gotta love this classic engineering Glousta Style!


3 thoughts on “Funky Gloucester

  1. Funny, I was out at Niles just the other day looking at those stairs. I wish something could be done about Cresseys beach. When I was a kid it was a great place to go for a swim. There was a raft with a spring board for diving. Now the beach is all rocks and weeds. It’s a shame.


  2. That pipe railing really was everywhere “municipal” at one time. The schools, Babson, Maplewood, etc. all had it.
    SG, Cressey’s was the beach of choice for my mom her whole life. I have pics of her with my dad, “Slug”, before and after the war years. The married in ’47. I miss’em.
    Good to remember the good ol’ days.
    But, as with all the harbor side beaches, I also remember the feeling when the cooking oils would occasionally be dumped from the fish processors. You came out of the water like a double sided tape from LePages. Let us not even discuss, when the tide and wind were wrong, the “Bubbler”.
    “Wet Blanket” Bob.


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